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Yolks on You wants you!

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Ember, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. Ember

    Ember Hatchling

    Newly level 7 clan Yolks on You is recruiting. We're laid back and drama free.

    We have a few simple rules: show up; give what you can, when you can; be respectful in chat; participate in events.

    If it sounds like a good fit for you, then send us a request.

    Thanks for your consideration.
    *recruitment open for one slot.
    *edited to update to current clan needs
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2017
  2. Nikki

    Nikki Hatchling

    Hey there! Sounds like exactly what I am looking for. My current clan doesn't ever use the chat function and I can't get them to participate in the events at all which is really frustrating.
    I am a level 32 who is very active. I would like to have a clan to grow with and give to so that we can help each other. If I could carry my skulls with me to your clan I would as I have 1664 already but I am willing to make the jump in the middle of the event as I am the only one contributing in my clan. I should be able to get another 1000 or so by the end of the event.
    My screen name is awpod.
    If you would like any other information let me know.
  3. Ember

    Ember Hatchling

    Yay! Thanks Nikki! Got a few more slots to fill. If you want to be cool like Awpod, send us a request.
  4. BlitzMole

    BlitzMole Hatchling

    Hi Ember, I'm at lv 38 with 9k bird power and 800 trophies (keeping low for the event). Active daily and participate in clan tasks. Currently working on my last 600 skulls and willing to contribute more if the clan needs. Would love to join a promising team and lemme know your thoughts.
  5. Ember

    Ember Hatchling

    Blitz, just send us a request, buddy. We'll getcha in.
  6. BlitzMole

    BlitzMole Hatchling

    Request sent.
  7. Ember

    Ember Hatchling

  8. Pravint

    Pravint Hatchling

    I am level 30 player and active daily with participation in events. Woupd love to join your clan.
  9. Ember

    Ember Hatchling

  10. PandaBird

    PandaBird Hatchling

    I'm a level 30 as well looking for an active clan! I play daily and is very active during events!
    I've already sent a request. Would love to be part of you guys.
  11. Ember

    Ember Hatchling


    And due to natural attrition, I have 2 more spots! If you want them, come and claim them!
  12. Eve

    Eve Hatchling

    Sent a request. Name is Pa :)
  13. Ember

    Ember Hatchling

    Accepted and welcome.

    1 spot left!

    BOBSWENCH Hatchling

    I’ll take it! Bobswench, currently with Obsidian Sky.
  15. Ember

    Ember Hatchling

    Went looking for ya sister, but you're not in that clan anymore. Still one spot!
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
  16. Ember

    Ember Hatchling

    Full for now. See ya in game!
  17. Ember

    Ember Hatchling

    One slot open again.
  18. Ember

    Ember Hatchling

    Bumpity bump
  19. staintool

    staintool Hatchling

    I'm relatively new, game is garbage but I play it. Looking for serious players that are active and want to reach higher levels. Hit me up at Flock Seagulls. I've played a month at 19 K currently,just want serious clan members.
  20. Ember

    Ember Hatchling

    Hey bub. We're not particularly serious at any point in time;) we are super active though. I'll check ya out.

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