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X10 bonus not working?

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by Sheeren, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Sheeren

    Sheeren Hatchling

    Hola, I just opened 10eggs (1350 dias) with X10 bonus ALREADY activated but Chuck did not come.. X10 bonus on 10 eggs opened it should not release the prize without delay?
  2. HeroBird

    HeroBird Super Cool Bird

    Chance x10 only increase chance, chance is not 100%
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  3. Birkan

    Birkan Tiny Birdy

    Hahaha change is not even %10
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  4. Teresa

    Teresa Hatchling

    That is ridiculous! If I am awarded the x10 coins, I should GET the x10 monies! Otherwise get rid of them!
  5. gmoney

    gmoney Super Cool Bird

    lol, I have opened 5x 10-hatch tickets while on 10x multiplier.... feelsbadman

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