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Who to work on

Discussion in 'Strategies & Guides' started by DjediLove720, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. DjediLove720

    DjediLove720 Hatchling

    So just did two sets of ten hatchs and was disappointed with it so out of the ones I got who is worth the build? Got Clive melody Cletus eggburt Derek and for 4* Billie and Darlene which I will build until better 4* come. But from the 3* who is worthy of building and who is food
  2. Bloodkry

    Bloodkry Tiny Birdy

    The only bird I have in your list is Billie. I like her for her powerful punch when you build her up pass level 60.
  3. Ray Estrella

    Ray Estrella Super Cool Bird

    Well of course you'd like Billie...
    Hi Billie. ;-)

    (I have her too)
  4. DjediLove720

    DjediLove720 Hatchling

    Thanks already got her up need more materials for her and Darlene but I was wondering out of the 3* who to build to go with my only two 4*
  5. Bridget

    Bridget Super Cool Bird

    Always work on your highest star birds. It won't be long that you start feeding those 3* to your 1* and 2* in order to level up those 4 and 5s
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  6. DjediLove720

    DjediLove720 Hatchling

    So really no point to work on 3* then
  7. Bridget

    Bridget Super Cool Bird

    Honestly No. Unless you have no other options.

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