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Which evolution is better for Theo?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RemixFTW, Aug 22, 2018.


Which one is better?

  1. Momentum Flash

    5 vote(s)
  2. Race Walking

    1 vote(s)
  1. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Moderator

  2. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

    I went with momentum Flash Haven't tried it yet though
  3. Melchid

    Melchid Tiny Birdy

    This one seems bad :eek:
  4. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Moderator

    He does cover more distance than Chuck or QB since he has faster speed.
  5. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Moderator

    Went with Momentum Flash
  6. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

    I like the bird but not really sure yet how and where to use him. Right now I have him level 99 not PL yet and he is my leader because my two chucks and bomb are in the middle. Red is my throw away bird on the far left. Thoughts?
  7. Buds

    Buds Motherflocker

    Jesus Christ, he is WEAK.
  8. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

    You are soooooo mean, but correct. I like the speed but the damage is shameful for a 5* bird
  9. Tomapapa

    Tomapapa Hatchling

    Thanks for letting me know, I tried to get cenk and i ended up with 3 crappy theo
  10. Buds

    Buds Motherflocker

    The speed won't change a thing if he's that weak, though.

    I'm surprised he's not a 3*.
  11. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

    Should be 4* or lower but then it could not be an event bird. Yellow birds are either awesome (Chuck, QB....) or horrible (Billy, Cyril, Theo)
  12. Buds

    Buds Motherflocker

    Although ironically, Cyril has the highest attack for yellow birds. But his SS is his downfall, though.
  13. Shane

    Shane Hatchling

    The second one is the best. Go for the second one. Speaking from personal experience.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018

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