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What to do ...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nevermore, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. Nevermore

    Nevermore Tiny Birdy

    So my main team just cracked 20k power (Thrash, Murphy, Chuck, Red, Carson). I'm at a loss whether to start leveling up my dungeon teams to do insane (for the mats) or continue to level my main team for PvP to get the keys. I'm going to be in Champions I and no way I can handle a Prestige opponent...yet.
    I'm leveling Bomb to (possibly) replace Carson, though I don't see that he's better other than the star for the health.
    Thoughts are appreciated
  2. Night

    Night Super Cool Bird

    I'd keep Carson for his bigger range, and put him as the leader for the extra fans damage (if there's fans anymore XD).

    And for your main question, I'd say level up your birds normally until they reach level 100 (not level 100+ "gold"), because it's doable to get them to level 100 with hard dungeons. However, the evolution requirements for level 100+ are insane, and at that point I'd say getting your dungeons to the insane mode would be better.
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  3. Onlong

    Onlong Super Cool Bird

    Lvl up your main team. You can't insane dungeon unless you have lvl 100 at least 3/5 birds, or have a prestige bird on the team. I don't think many players cracked insane dungeon before they have a prestige bird already on their main team. For now, winning in PvP is much more important, besides, what's the point of crack insane dungeon if you don't win keys to do it?

    As far as replacing, only when you Bomb can op the floor with single shot, then the thunder doom version can paralyze the opponent for one turn, that's when you consider replacing. For now Carson is by far the better PvP bird
  4. Nevermore

    Nevermore Tiny Birdy

    Thrash is my leader, 5* Rockstar. The fan thing kind of irks me lol.

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