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what do I do ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jext, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Jext

    Jext Hatchling

    Pardon my English " please be alert "

    I contacted the support to report a bug with my Event Island "connection error several times on floor 72 then when I uninstalled and reinstalled the game the prizes from 73 to 80 were all 1 coin"

    the response to my ticket is your account has been banned for life and after 4 tickets I got a hint it is because of cheating and using apps other than App store" which I use"' and Google play

    I got a breach to my apple , I cloud , mega and email because of a fraud email which I will provide photos of it " i know it is stupid to use one password for every thing but my password was 25 upper , lower cases numbers..etc and it was breached because of the fraud email.

    so I tried to explain it was not me who used these tools and provided evidence that my facebook was breached not only that my Apple ID , iCloud , Mega and Email but I got no response at all tried another ticket and guess what nothing at all ,so I decided to share my story

    the trick is I received an email into my inbox under Apple Store with a Recipient telling me I ordered a 100$ gift card for some on so I clicked "" Report Transaction "" and it opens a website looks exactly like Apple's so I signed in and it tells you your Id has been blocked so proceed to unblock it and it asks you for your credit card info " that's when I realized it's fake " but now they have my password and email"

    the last three pictures the fraud email , there second attempt , the Recipient

    I'm so sorry for making you guys read all of this
    thanks for your time

    Untitled(2).png Untitled(1).png Untitled.png Untditled.png Untitled(3).png Untitled(4).png
  2. Jext

    Jext Hatchling

    this is the Recipient

    Attached Files:

  3. Nyk

    Nyk Motherflocker

    I'm really sorry that this happened to you. I can't imagine how I'd feel if my accounts were all compromised. I've never been in your situation but I really hope that you can work things out.

    In the meantime, I hate to give you further bad news. I'm not trying to be a negative Nancy or Debbie downer but Rovio isn't exactly the type of company to care about customer service. Your odds of getting your account restored are extremely low. Maybe RemixFTW can pull some strings but I doubt it. Your best luck is to contact support via the website (sorry, I don't have the link on hand) and state your case. Any supporting evidence from apple would help a ton. If that doesn't work, you really dont have any other options. If you spent real money, you may be able to sue for damages if they refuse to restore your account, and assuming your story is true. But I doubt that is worth it for this game and it may be difficult to do without lawyers.

    I really wish you the best of luck. Keep us informed of what Rovio responds with. I hope everything works out for you.
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  4. Jext

    Jext Hatchling

    I did sent them all the stuff even forwarded the emails to them but I had no response " I know I will not get my account back , cause i didn't invest real money in it " but the effort I spent and, the clan support was too much to give up on it
    I'm really trying every single thing and hoping for the best

    thanks a lot for your kind feelings and support
    god bless

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