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What’s the the best I can make with what I have

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RemixFTW, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Moderator

    I currently have: L62 Fire Rooster (Inferno Kick), L60 Probotnik (Mind Blast), L61 Claude (Strong), L60 Carson (Mosh Pit), L63 Terence (Steamship), L60 Owlpheus (Directed), L60 Trey (Strong), and L40 Blitz (Critical Dash)

    Out of all my strongest birds, which can be used to make a good team?
  2. Bridget

    Bridget Super Cool Bird

    For what you have right now - Claude (Leader) Carson, Terrence, Billy, Rooser.

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