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Wetbags looking for new members!!

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by bilgeblack, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. bilgeblack

    bilgeblack Hatchling

    Wetbags is a level 17 clan and we have 8 empty spots. It’s an active clan and focus intensely on events.
    - Be really active during events, aim for the golden ticket
    - Donate to the clan, at least to match daily tasks
    - If you will be off for some time, let us know beforehand

    We actually look for game mates with whom we can enjoy the game more and more.

    Just send a request if you’re interested.
  2. Keenst

    Keenst Hatchling

    What score you do in events?
  3. bilgeblack

    bilgeblack Hatchling

    Up to 1000 gems
  4. Keenst

    Keenst Hatchling

    I usualy make like 8500+ on every event.I still dont have max team lvl up, i am still lvling up.I don’t meet lvl requirments to join, if you want to send an an invite will be much apreciated.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2018
  5. bilgeblack

    bilgeblack Hatchling

    Is Keenst your username?

    And for other people who might be interested;

    Top ten members reach 15K at the event and the clan reaches around 275K
  6. Bac0npancakes

    Bac0npancakes Hatchling

    Hey there, I requested to join your clan, I'm bacon pancakes. I usually make it to the gold ticket. I'm level 76 and I'm pretty active.
  7. bilgeblack

    bilgeblack Hatchling

    If there is someone out there looking for a clan, come and join! We still have empty spots. Choose a strong clan before everton evet starts :)
  8. Silkefjert

    Silkefjert Hatchling

    I am searching. Made a post. Seems like a really good clan! Is there any chance you would recruit me?
  9. Apollomaxin

    Apollomaxin Hatchling

    let me in....i'm very active player... a player a 2 weeks and a level 40

    my name in game is Apollomaxinn
  10. Arjay

    Arjay Hatchling

    Level 69 game name Arjay.
    hit the gold ticket in past 3 events. Relatively new player
  11. SkiZzo

    SkiZzo Hatchling

    I want to join in your clan, i have level 28 but i'm very active.
  12. Santa

    Santa Hatchling

    My name Ironic birds active on events at lv 36 bird power 14000+ please invite if any spot left
  13. simonian

    simonian Hatchling

    Hi i’m Only level 17 at the moment but had to restart from scratch the other day due to a bug. Joining an active clan is the only thing stopping me levelling back up.

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