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Weeping Angels (Clan Recruitment Thread)

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Desert Song, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. Desert Song

    Desert Song Super Cool Bird

    Weeping Angels leveled up to 20 (3/19/18) and has several spots open for active players. To send a request, you must be level 45+ but exceptions are sometimes made.

    Weeping Angels is a Casual but Active Clan. We have rules that must be followed, but all can be easily met by players that are over level 45 as long as they play at least casually. Note that the rules are enforced! Some of the spots that are open are due to players who did not follow Rules 7/8 for last week. :O

    Non-clan members are welcome to join our Facebook page and Discord server.
    Rules for Clan Members:
    General Rules (Required):
    [1] Be respectful to all others
    [2] No politics or controversial topics
    [3] English only
    [4] Donate toward Clan Egg as needed
    Specific Rules (Required):
    [5] Don't be inactive for 7 straight days
    [6] Donate 2100+ coins to clan per week
    [7] Earn 1000+ MPDC points per week
    [8] Events: Earn 20%+ of points needed for final personal reward
    Encouraged (Optional):
    [9] Complete daily tasks
    [10] Donate toward Clan Perks
    [11] Work toward winning Insane battles; this includes considering re-starting
    [12] After Red area unlocked, stop playing storyline quest!
    Social Media (Optional):
    [13] Join Facebook group: bit.ly/angelsABE
    [14] Join Discord server: https://discord.gg/seyEYAE
    Non-Members Rule (Required):
    [15] No recruiting/promoting for other clans
    Above All, Have Fun!
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  2. Desert Song

    Desert Song Super Cool Bird

    We are again recruiting - the info in the post above has been updated to reflect the current status.

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