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We are punished for buying inventory space.

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by Platty, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Platty

    Platty Super Cool Bird

    it seems if you have spent gems to buy inventory spaces, you will not get the free upgrade of the inventory space from 99 to 200. Why are we punishe for spending gems? May we ask for the money back for buying those gems?
  2. Nyk

    Nyk Motherflocker

    Screenshot_20181101-103637_AB Evolution.jpg

    This is the response you will get. Minus the "server issues" part.
  3. Greg Nixon

    Greg Nixon Motherflocker

    They won't refund the gems anymore than they won't refund the gold, evo mats, essence, keys or anything else that we spent when things were more expensive, and honestly it's not even a concern. We had benefits given to us in the past that others missed out on, it's nature of the beast. Do you honestly take something you bought months or years ago back to the big box store because now it's 50% cheaper? Likely not, and not trying to be rude, but it's honestly not something to even focus on in the grand scheme of things. My concern is more on when the game has issues, but they say it doesn't, there us enough there to gripe about without worrying about things like this.
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  4. Platty

    Platty Super Cool Bird

    Well, you maybe an old player who takes all the advantages of the old time. I am a new one registered right before they had the upgrade. You won’t return something you bought years back. But most stores will have a grace period that you can do price match. Please do not judge people, especially use so rude manner.
  5. Greg Nixon

    Greg Nixon Motherflocker

    Wasn't meant to be rude and you were far from being judged, I just posed a simple reality check type question. If Rovio won't refund things when it's due to their game glitching, all I'm saying is don't expect to get anything from them otherwise. And yes I am one of those old players who has seen the good things go and the bad things get worse with no expectation of it getting any better. Both old and new players alike have had advantages and disadvantages depending on when they started. Most of the older players don't bother to gripe about this kind of stuff anymore though because we just expect it to be that way. Wish you good luck with your hatching and enjoy the game, but let the little things like this go as they will quickly diminish any joy or fun you may experience

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