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Videos constantly crash game

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by ADBjester, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. ADBjester

    ADBjester Tiny Birdy

    Hello Rovio,

    This issue has gotten much, much worse lately with the advent of "playable demo" ads.
    The worst are the Cross-Install mini-games, but all of the playable demo ads cause hard crashes back to the OS.
    It has gotten to the point where the odds of my being able to successfully watch a video and claim a free reward are less than one in ten.
    I'm talking about free videos to claim extra berries, arena tickets, or to hatch a free gold egg.
    I am playing on two devices, both iOS, and while the problem affects both, it affects the older one much more significantly, leading me to believe you're simply running out of RAM during these ads.

    The iPhone 6S+ (2 GB RAM) crashes about 10% of the time I watch a video. iOS 11.2.5.
    The iPad 4th Generation 64 GB wi-fi+cellular (vintage 2012, model MD518LL/A; 1 GB RAM) crashes EVERY time, unless I've just rebooted it and restarted the app. iOS 10.3.3 (latest permitted by the hardware).

    I get it. It's a legacy device. But if you're going to allow your game to run on it, if you feed ads to a legacy device you should make sure they work.... or perhaps feed LEGACY ADS to it that won't crash it with complex HTML5 and JavaScript. (Frankly, as a web developer myself, I'm not convinced it is anything more than browser engine incompatibility, but that's on YOU and your advertisers to handle).

    Since I'm having to play more and more from the iPad since the iPhone has developed the dreaded "touch disease", this is affecting my gameplay significantly. Please address this.

    Jeff Woods
    Reading, PA
  2. James Tinkham

    James Tinkham Tiny Birdy

    Jeff & Rovio,

    I saw exactly what Jeff describes running the game on an iPhone 5s 16Gb and 4th Gen iPad wi-fi only 32Gb. Upgrading my devices to an iPhone 7 Plus 32Gb and iPad Pro 10.5" wi-fi only 64Gb videos no longer hang or crash the app. Agree with all said about ensuring 'supported' devices are truly supported.
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  3. Witkacy [PL]

    Witkacy [PL] Super Cool Bird

    Evenin' everyone :)

    Everything was workin' great while been previous unlimited scouts event, yet now since some time I can barely use them - so what's the point of watching ads then and participate in such event if they are not loading/crasing the game everytime I wish to use them? What has happened? Watched too many ads and I've ran out of limit? Why some can work properly for a while and then got broken entirely? Well... Just been tired of force closing app and restarting my Android device so I am out of race for golden ticket and other stuff... Not cool overall...


  4. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    Game is frozen now on wave 2 of MPDC...

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