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Version 2.1.1 extremely buggy

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by Rambunctious, Apr 2, 2019.

  1. Rambunctious

    Rambunctious Hatchling

    Running on an iPhone. The app hangs or crashes frequently - last night it crashed four times while I was trying to complete "daily tasks". It was also crashing during last week's event, once right in the middle of Wave 2 of a level where I'd finally managed to get through Wave 1 with enough health to have a chance. Most often the hangs and crashes occur on videos, either the ones you are required to play to get free stuff or the ones that pop up at random when you've completed a battle (PvP, event, etc. doesn't seem to matter.)
    Anyone else seeing a greatly increased instability since 2.1 and 2.1.1 were released?
    Any chance this gets fixed soon?

    As long as I'm blathering: when are we going to be able to sell totems again? Beyond a certain level anger and rage totems are useless except for converting to coins. The only workaround is to accumulate the maximum number and then sell off any additional ones, but 100 anger totems would have gotten me 25,000 coins I could really use, before the "redesign" removed that ability.

    One last comment: it seems that with every significant update the game has made it more difficult to advance without spending lots of real money. I'm about at the point of quitting because it's not worth the frustration.
  2. ELLY

    ELLY Super Cool Bird

    524BB361-DCC6-4C1C-ACBD-F9AA0DDC6661.jpeg 522976D7-533D-4393-ADF9-D4A1C713C09E.jpeg

    Hi, Rambunctious.
    Not everyone has a bug. Only a few are having trouble with bugs like you.
    My iphone also updated v2.1.1 a few days ago, but the MPDC issue is resolved.
    (In v2.1.0 I could not play MPDC.)
    Rovio tries to fix the bug until Tuesday and show us 6 *.
    I think your bug will be fixed in time.

    I want to sell totem,
    I hope we do not have any problems playing without using the real money.
    However, I think that it is natural for players who use real money to grow faster than others.

    Soon everything will be okay.
    I just want you to have fun.:)
  3. Maysmat

    Maysmat Hatchling

    On my iPad, since this maj, game crash on each activity, in fight, obviously on watching video, but even in static team's welcome screen. Agree with Rambouctious, I am expecting a patch.
  4. Lpennisi333

    Lpennisi333 Hatchling

    Extremely Buggy! I lost a life after paying for an extra one the game crashed and whenever I hit a pig it appears dead and comes back. I have been very disappointed since the new update also Mild West took 150 levels to get the second bird! kept saying I had the bird already. Spend a lot of money already on this game and expect better.
  5. Narc

    Narc Hatchling

    My iPhone version has been buggy since 2.1.0 came out and even through three subsequent updates. An update (2.1.3) came out this week but didn’t fix the crashing. Still waiting for Rovio to fix this while I’m bleeding points and rewards.

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