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Using jimmy to level up captain freedom?

Discussion in 'Strategies & Guides' started by Aaron gauci, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. Aaron gauci

    Aaron gauci Hatchling

    Hi everyone, this is my first post as I’m a bit stuck! I have jimmy on level 60 (not evolved) and I’m debating using him to level up my captain freedom at level 40. It would take CF straight to level 60 so I could super evolve, any advice or opinions would be appreciated!
  2. Buds

    Buds Super Cool Bird

    Hmm.. a bit complicated.
    People praise Jimmy being 80+ because of his SS cooldown being 1.
    Although people praise Captain Freedom for being a good 5* white bird due to his moderately high damage. Third strongest white bird in the game, I believe.
  3. Riedgu

    Riedgu Super Cool Bird

    If you have 5 white birds stronger than Jimmy - use him. If not - keep him for dungeon team and level CF with what you got.

    I have no other 1SS bird so I use Jimmy as a second attack bird. Helps a lot
  4. Aaron gauci

    Aaron gauci Hatchling

    Thanks for the replies, it’s pretty much what I suspected! I managed to get CF to level 60 without sacrificing Jimmy but as it’s my first 5 star to super evolve, I had no idea you needed so much evolution essence :(
  5. Buds

    Buds Super Cool Bird

    @Aaron gauci
    You think that's bad?
    Evolving level 100 5*'s to prestige levels cost a lot, an arm, a leg, some months, and possibly your soul.

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