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UnOfficial Arena Personal Best Leaderboard? ( for recognition purposes )

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by enthusiasts, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. RyogaDyana

    RyogaDyana Super Cool Bird

    not a personal record though~ @enthusiasts hope you don't mind to include clan record here as well :)
    although we still fail to hit 900k at the last minute, it is still definitely a new high for clan record
    credits to all our lovely bluemoon clan mates <3
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  2. enthusiasts

    enthusiasts Super Cool Bird

    very nice indeed, compared to jtb mass kicking players and spamming invites every few hrs, can't believe players actually loved to be kicked :D

    maybe we should start a new thread for clan ranking recognition?

    how bout you manage that hahaha :p
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  3. RyogaDyana

    RyogaDyana Super Cool Bird

  4. Jonesga1

    Jonesga1 Hatchling

    Totally agree that it will be extremely difficult to beat the 31k game given the changes in the last update and it was an untypical week with 2 pvp events
  5. enthusiasts

    enthusiasts Super Cool Bird

    this week should be the untypical week with the pvp events, go for it ;)
  6. CiprianS

    CiprianS Super Cool Bird

    I just saw your post. A little bit late, but, as you can see, we (Awesome Cojo) answering in pack :). Agree with Jonesy.. no way today for 31.000 trophies.
    Until this update we were able to use that +- 200 and run for a record (done that 2 weeks ago with Jonesy).
  7. enthusiasts

    enthusiasts Super Cool Bird

    but people still feel free to submit any trophy highescore personal best or even better the 1 that surpassed the current high :D
  8. Captain Black

    Captain Black Hatchling

    So after months I can finally post the new highest score known to me..
    If anyone is hiding somewhere with a higher one please come forward :)

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  9. KDK12

    KDK12 Hatchling

    EnthusiastS have reclaimed the world record with a score that destroys the previous one!
    Congratulations to our CoLeader Christy for making such an amazing arena run!
    New World Record = 32,984

    Attached Files:

  10. Captain Black

    Captain Black Hatchling

    A week after that Awesome Cojo reclaims the world best and 2nd best score :D

    New world record: 36,868
    Runner up: 36,768

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  11. Kiki

    Kiki Hatchling

    The 12 March Bluemoon has claimed the first and second world best scores at my knowledge . [BLUE] FLN has achieved 56.629 throphies.
    9773F528-9BAB-439A-BBB5-15F5E6A6BE0A.jpeg 6B98E4BA-1556-4988-B8AB-142E1A7A22C9.jpeg 25A6AD87-DC77-42BA-98EC-59E72960C654.jpeg
    Had to post before they go away ;)!!

    Kudos to all those that keep arena alive :)!!
    Last edited: May 13, 2018

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