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U all r a noobs

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by Slyguysmiley, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Slyguysmiley

    Slyguysmiley Tiny Birdy

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  2. Slyguysmiley

    Slyguysmiley Tiny Birdy

    See still no response. At least tell me you’re aware of the problem. Such a shame. It really is a really beautiful looking game it’s to bad support/devs are totally USELESS.
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  3. PigKiller

    PigKiller Hatchling

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  4. Talktonick

    Talktonick Hatchling

    I agree!
    Claude’s ability only is working for his criticals.
    My other birds provide me with no healing.
    Can we please fix this
  5. Slyguysmiley

    Slyguysmiley Tiny Birdy

    Still no response. To busy worrying about stupid little things in forums instead of working on the game itself. What a f***ing joke. I have all these App Store cards to use and looks like I’ll spend them on some other game
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  6. Slyguysmiley

    Slyguysmiley Tiny Birdy

    Bump due to spammers
  7. Slyguysmiley

    Slyguysmiley Tiny Birdy

    His leader ability is still messed up. How many more months until you kassy people at rovio fix it? Or at least acknowledge that you’ve seen this post
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  8. Hyp

    Hyp Hatchling

    Try going through the in-game link for support. I believe it is on the screen that pops-up when you click your profile pic in upper left corner. It takes a few minutes to fill out, but I have contacted them about issues in the past and i always have an e-mail response within 3 days.

    For what its worth, Claudes ability works about 80 percent of the time for me, I'm convinced that it doesnt work when my internet signal is lower than ideal. That could be completely coincidental.

    I didnt realize it was a much larger issue for some, I hope for your sake it gets solved quickly. Claude is my best bird because of the critical damage leader ability. I have Annie and the two of them combined are a force to be reckoned with.

    Good luck.
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  9. Dan1212

    Dan1212 Super Cool Bird

    you know how long I've been complaining about Terence Steamship Barrage being bugged and not doing the damage that is stated in the tooltip.. 1 Day after the Terence event ended ... And I've sent 10 support tickets ... all responded too with the same automated response. Good luck getting claud fixed

    This dev team is not only impossible to get through too. But I also think they are incompetent and greedy. In their minds I think they believe they see no reason to fix birds because once the event with the bird is over.. Or if its a regular 5 star.. they will see no reason to fix.

    Notice they did give a small patch to Eddie immediately.. Only because they knew that they had too if they wanted to make more money else word would get around he's not worth the effort. So Rovio can immediately listen to feedback on Eddie within a day.. But for Terence and Claude.. Who cares....... Their events are over, no money to be made... Thats their philosophy
  10. davidsds

    davidsds Hatchling

    My have bug on attack too: when you use a bird (any color) and do a critical damage, the value is increased only by 17%, not 35%. Normal attack 2000, critical about 4680. Should be 5400. I contacted Rovio and they say to remove and reinstall the game. I did it and not help me at all.
  11. Slyguysmiley

    Slyguysmiley Tiny Birdy

    Still not working right. So I’m still not spending money on this game.
  12. Riedgu

    Riedgu Guest

    Awesome suppoet you are talking about.

    I wrote to one of game staff here,so he replied that they do not answer game design questions and it seems its ok not to participate in forum topics.

    Cherry picking when to answer and they do not delegate jobs to the responsible people
  13. Slyguysmiley

    Slyguysmiley Tiny Birdy

    Yeah I’ve messaged ingame support. They’re as useless as the forums. Still haven’t spent a dime
  14. Kiteflyer

    Kiteflyer Super Cool Bird

    That’s because all us super cool birds hang out at the flockers Abe group on Facebook. Haven’t you heard?

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