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Discussion in 'FAQ's' started by spennyman, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. spennyman

    spennyman Hatchling

    What generates how many trophies a match is worth in a PvP battle. Seems as the trophies are all over the place. Excluding the clan trophy bonus?? Thanks
  2. Gildan

    Gildan Super Cool Bird

    The trophies are based on an ELO system that compares the number of trophies you have and the number of trophies your opponent has:
    • If you have exactly the same number (or within a few less/more) the reward for winning or penalty for losing is 25 (plus clan trophy bonus for wins).
    • If your opponent has 200+ more trophies than you do, the reward for winning is 59 and the penalty for losing is 10.
    • If your opponent has 200 or more less trophies than you do, the reward for winning is 10 and the penalty for losing is 59.
    The game picks opponents for you randomly, but it does so from a non-random set of players with "similar" scores to your own (differences of multiple hundreds to even thousands of trophies are possible so "similar" doesn't really mean "close to" per se), so the further away you get from the number of trophies the average player in a league has, the less opponents there are in that set of similar scores, and the odds that any of them have exactly as many trophies as you do goes down, which is when you start seeing more variation in the rewards you get. If you compare your opponent's trophy count to your own on the loading screen though, you should never actually be surprised when you get more or less than 25.
  3. spennyman

    spennyman Hatchling

    Thanks Gildan!!

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