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Tips for levelling past 80?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Phorx, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Phorx

    Phorx Tiny Birdy

    It seems to that levelling a bird from 80-100 is brutally slow. A 3* shiny lvl 20 bird with its first evolution done will get you maybe a level and a half or so. How do people do this without burning through the tons of evolution material you need at lvl 100?
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  2. Gibson

    Gibson Tiny Birdy

    Hmm interesting question, im wondering as well. Waiting for someone to give good tips
  3. Vivek

    Vivek Super Cool Bird

    And why did you take that without materials? It's just that somebody had materials on the uplifts and they quickly.
  4. Phorx

    Phorx Tiny Birdy

    Sorry I don't understand what you are trying to say.
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  5. enthusiasts

    enthusiasts Super Cool Bird

    you gonna spend at least 2150 mats from 80 to 100, its normal
  6. BelethS

    BelethS Hatchling

    Is not that awful as it seems. The trick is to not use same color birds to level up, it will drain your mats fast.
    Level up and evolve shiny 1-2-3* birds of different colours during the week, and use them all on your main bird's 2x exp day. On that day, let's say black 2x exp, a blue shiny bird gives same exp as a black shiny bird on all the other days.
    That way you save up mats for your main bird as well, by selling same color birds during the week.
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  7. Riedgu

    Riedgu Guest

    But if you have 5* of each color? So it's a waste of exp and mats.


    So you just use 15+ shiny birds and then save up 4500 evo mats. Only way.

    Or of course you can go Rovio way and buy everything.
  8. BelethS

    BelethS Hatchling

    To be honest, having 5 birds of different colours is a bad idea. You are missing on the 30% damage bonus for same colour birds that way, and you multiply the work needed to upgrade the birds (thinking about the dungeon runs, that way you need at least 5x5 birds just for the dungeon teams, so 25 birds in total. And I don't even want to think about the essence costs and the time spent on gathering keys... You need 5x25 essences for the first superevo alone, let's say you run normal dungeons, that means you need to run 13x each colour dungeon to get the essences. So 130 keys just for the first superevo. If you count the second, with 50 essence/evo, etc..... headache). Unless you run the superstar team, of course.

    I always tried to get same colour team, so I can focus on just one dungeon and run it into oblivion (black for my team), 4 black 5* birds and 1 Frosty is my team atm. With the 4 5* blacks I can easily run insane dungeon, for 10 essences/run. I find it more efficient.
    And during the week, I can level up and evolve all the 1-2* shiny birds of different colours, and use them all on black day. Huge boost that way, last black day I leveled up 1 bird to 100, and the other 3 birds to 90+ in one day, using the evolved birds gathered during the week...
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  9. Riedgu

    Riedgu Guest

    Okay, good point.

    Just some people have different 5* and can't choose which to take into main team.

    So I have two whites and two reds in my main team and on both of them I can do insane dungeons. Also I got 4* Zain to Prestige level 2. Turkey is level 96 and Trash is near level 80, just need some evo mats. So it is possible to level up different birds. Because by selling them I collect evo mats and use them to evolve them. And I use dungeon keys for specific run. So if you run twice for black I run one dungeon for red and other for white.

    And on same colour day I get bigger so boost from same colour birds and it adds up. By using other colour bird you lose some do, you could have given to same colour bird

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