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Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by AvidJeff, Aug 26, 2018.

  1. AvidJeff

    AvidJeff Hatchling

    Our Clan is looking for like minded players that take ABE seriously.
    Are you looking for a clan that hits weekly goals in MPDC and events? A clan that has daily chats that helps new players with strategy and advice? Look no farther than:
    New Bread
    We are looking for new players that contribute weekly to make the game fun. We even have a Whatsapp chat group and have become world wide friends with players in India, Sweden, England, America and even Trinidad. We only expect 3 things,

    1) Play MPDC daily
    2) Play the weekly event to the minimum of the individual golden ticket reward
    3) Donate 700 XP weekly to the clan

    Join our clan and our fun! Look for New Bread or me; Avidjeff in the game and I will invite you.
  2. SkiZzo

    SkiZzo Hatchling

    I want to join in your clan
  3. Crazy adi

    Crazy adi Hatchling

    Can I join I’m level 62 31530 team power
    9 5 stars and my name is guitar rock

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