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This game is getting boring...real fast

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nyk, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. Nyk

    Nyk Motherflocker

    As many of you know, I have only been active on the forums for the last month due to registration issues on the forums. I have been a lurker since around February when I first started playing the game, so about 6-7 months now. I have to say, In that time period, this game has started to become extremely boring and repetitive. I usually only log in now to collect my eagle card gem rewards, the daily reward, and to check in with the clan. And also to quick battle for my event points. What made this game special is missing with the latest changes. Whether this is due to the less addictive nature of the game or what I am going to describe below, I'm not sure, but I feel like this game sucks now.

    These are only my personal thoughts from a logical standpoint, and I'm not a super emotional person so sentimental value or regret from wasting half a year doesn't bother me. I had fun while it lasted, but now I'm struggling whether to quit or not. Hopefully some of you can echo my thoughts, and who knows, maybe someone at Rovio will read this and understand why the players are complaining so much. I don't want to see the game shutdown (like some are prophesying) so *maybe* this will help. I don't have a lot of hope at this point. I am not saying my views are right, I just want to be clear. I just think that something is missing now and my nostalgia for times past frustrates me. I have hope that things will get better and the game will be fun again, in my opinion, but the major f'you by Rovio this past week has made me realize there may be no more hope for this game. Sorry for any misspellings/grammar in advanced.

    Here are my "grievances". Recently, 4 major changes have more or less ruined the gameplay for the VAST majority of average players who makeup Angry Birds Evolution (again, these are my opinion in no specific order):
    1. Eagle Mountain nerfs
    2. Event style changes
    3. Major Pecker's Daily Challenge
    4. Overall nerfing of all rewards
    And a bonus:
    5. no new decent content

    -----1. EM Nerf:-----
    Eagle Mountain, for me, used to be the highlight of ABE. I was overjoyed at the chance to gamble my gems away in order to gain a decent bird. I remember at the beginning, before I unlocked the red island, I managed to score a level 42 Doris. I went crazy with her and had her leveled to 60 as fast as I could. I built my entire team around her, and when I finally used her as fodder for the next bird, I felt great pain in sacrificing her to my shiny new Chuck. Until the very last moment, I refused to merge her, but only did so because I had to make my team stronger.

    Everyday when I play EM I try to relive that joy and before the switch to gem reentry, I would spend hundreds of gold a day to reenter. I would blow through a ton of gems, purchasing small gem packs when I had a great run and overextended myself. Small price to pay to reward (feed the families of) the developers and keep the game fun. What's a few dollars here and there I thought. I spend more money on coffee and mcdonald's. At least I'm enjoying myself. The day that the gem reentry change occurred I was in shock. Why would I waste precious gems for a chance to get a pig at level 2. Absolutely not I swore to myself. I will boycott this stupid choice. In my mind, they made enough changes every week to where maybe they will swap it back. No luck.

    After 4 months I was still going strong with my boycott. I was reinvigorated in my belligerence when the EM chances of hitting a pig increased astronomically and the subsequent huge reduction in rewards as well. I had only hit a pig below level 5 twice in about 3 months. When the changes occurred, now I was hitting 3 pigs or more below level 10,sometimes even on level 2, and during the good runs, I hadn't event gotten a silver ticket yet. If I didn't make it to level 7 before I hit a pig I left and collected my 20 gem reward until the next day.

    When the rewards were reinstated to the higher payouts for about a month, I spent thousands of gems in EM hoping my voice would be heard! Give us more of this I thought! Its a chance to legally gamble and I actually get a reward if I pay $4.99 for that extra gem pack after I overextended. I was having fun. During this period I actually wound up succumbing to my addiction and reentered EM a few times. It was worth it, I was finally getting the stuff I wanted from the game. Since then, the reward payout has been nerfed and I no longer look at EM for fun, but instead as a sad memory where it used to be good and then they ruined it. I still enter hoping I will get lucky one day because of some shadow-patch that "corrected" the odds of hitting a pig.

    -----2. Event Island:-----
    Who's brilliant idea was this? At first I loved Event Island. The chance to earn good rewards, get lots of uninterrupted sleep, and have a shot at gaining some pre-leveled and evolved birds. This is how I got my first Carson, the only bird I wanted from day one, but I had no luck in the hatchery before EI was introduced. It took me 3 events before I finally got him (going on 4 months of play time at this point) and I was over-the-moon with joy. Over time, as my team has gotten stronger, I find EI boring. I blow through the first 35 levels on auto-play, and then I spend 30 minutes maxing out, usually around level 45. The last two events I have had some awesome luck and managed to get to level 50, even with a team 40,000 bird power below the strongest stage.

    The problem now is, not only do I have to play the events, but now I also have to play the map markers as well. Some could argue that this isn't an issue because it allows me more time to play the game everyday. But it doesn't, its just a chore now. I spend time in the morning and at night using my event points, but then still have to go and quickbattle another 9 pigs for gold and evo material using markers. Since EI only pays about 1500 gold (for me in my clan) during the entire week, its not a good way to prestige a bird to level 7 (4,200 gold per totem and it requires, what, 6 or 7 totems to get to P7? Do the math). I'm active during the events but with changes to the event points system, there isn't even a need for me to actively use my skills on a playfield in game to play more than 5 minutes a day. I'm only there to quick play the event, once in the morning, and once at night. The one benefit though, Unlike with the scouts, If I don't login every 3 hours, I don't lose my chance at getting that ultimate golden ticket. But there is no fun, for me, in EI, but with the markers it was enjoyable.

    With the map markers, I got gold, evo mats, gems, birds, and event points. If I didn't constantly check-in to burn through those scouts, I'd kiss my chances goodbye. It was a real challenge and it was both fun and addicting. You get to level up, stock up on resources, and complete the event without it feeling monotonous, repetitive, or exhausting. And if you didn't make it, you dropped 150 gems two or three times to make up for your busy life and to complete the 4000 points you needed for the prize. This game was designed to be addictive. You had to check-in constantly or you lost valuable resources, setting you back days or weeks even (thanks to color days once a week). But, for the low low price of some gems, you could make it up and all would be right in the world.

    I don't care if the new event island makes them more money in the short-term, They are losing paying players in the long run. I am now level 93 with a full team of 5* birds, except my Carson. He stays. I don't need the health... yet. @A. Wolf ;) I have renewed my Eagle Card every month on the dot except this month, and yet I did it anyway the day before the new event came out. I think I'm done now though. How do these changes result in a sustainable business model when you are driving all your paying players away? With the EI changes, its impossible to get enough gold now without wasting my day going back to scouts to watch the same boring battle cutscene another 9-12 times after I do it 10 times in the EI. In hind-sight, The scouts were better in my opinion. Event Island is not FUN. <------ Key word there for a successful video game. I had fun with the scout based events that did not translate well to EI.

    -----3. Major Pecker-----
    I will keep this one short. Like the changes with the EI and scouts, MPDC is now just a chore. It used to be a good daily challenge where I could measure my team up and keep track of their progress and my skill. Now it's another quick-play for rewards. It's just one more step in a boring repetitive process to get some "rewards". Its not even a game anymore (not fun). Tap the app, let it load, wait for the overworld to f.i.n.a.l.l.y. accept input, click on MPDC, tap the icon, quickbattle cutscene, tap the checkmark, I'm done. Whooooooo so fun. \sarcasm

    I understand why some people like the new change, its faster and it requires no gems. I can't argue with you on that. I never paid gems in MPDC so I can't say much about it. I enjoyed MPDC for a different reason I guess, and that was that it was the only time in game where you knew you were going to lose, but if you tried as hard as you could, you got better rewards and it was fun because of it, for me. Now with the changes coinciding with the gold cuts, no thanks. Give me something challenging Rovio. Don't take away my rewards and make it boring together. Let me play the game and be afraid to lose. If there's no challenge then what's the point. Its not fun if you always win. Keep the new MPDC if you have to, but give me something I can PLAY and have FUN at, that has a challenge. That is the definition of a video game. (Yes, I know I can refight the highest levels of MPDC for a challenge, but I hit those and won with my B team. Why try to beat something again with no reward, and only a chance at losing precious materials?)

    (Continued below)
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  2. Nyk

    Nyk Motherflocker

    -----4. Nerfing the rewards-----
    In the last month or so, all game rewards have taken a huge hit. The decreases, I'm assuming, are to force me to spend more money. I'm not spending money to play the game. I'm spending money because I'm having fun. This is a critical difference. Without me having fun, I'm not spending a dime. Why would I spend money to have someone beat me up and piss me off? I'll just walk away. I will not pay for abuse. A few weeks ago, I could justify doing the map markers because at least they gave me silver tickets which were barely available anymore (not in EM at least, with the recent adjustments to payout). Let's be honest, the silver tickets are a huge driver of this game. You can't get any decent birds without them. Good luck filling a team on free hatches. 2 weeks ago, the silver ticket payout was cut. Noticeably.

    Suddenly, I can't get enough tickets to hatch one event bird, let alone try at the second or third. Not because I'm not playing, but because I just can't get the resources because THEY DON'T EXIST. Aside from the fact that I have to grind away the scouts for (mostly) no decent payout during the event, Now there isn't any big incentive during the event (besides the gold and mats, but with the new MPDC and the dungeons, I get enough mats without playing the scouts) to play the markers. It's just not fun constantly quick-battling and grinding away to earn some gold. I will hobble along with my EM rewards on the off-days when I get a decent amount of gold and the every-other-day when I get gold from MPDC. There is no incentive to play the scouts now.

    To make matters worse, I have to play the arena to get keys to the dungeons, but with the gold reduction and the gem reduction, whats the point? I have too many mats but not enough gold. I don't get decent gem rewards from placing in the arena now, so there's no real point in playing that either. I can't keep up with the top 5 unless I play every 56 minutes and I just can't do that. It's all a waste. No silver's to get rewarded with birds. No challenge other than tapping quick-play 30 times a day. neverending grinding trying to get enough gold to do something with my birds. everything has been switched to gems as payment, yet there is nothing that pays them back to me as a reward. The nerfs are hitting hard and driving me away, not back to the game for me to try harder. It isn't FUN.

    -----5. No new birds (I guess this is a hardcore content update)-----
    What is there really to say about this. I mean look at Pokemon (ABE is a cross between Pokemon and pinball, just saying for those who didn't know). At least they added some new pokemon every few generations to keep the players interested. I mean Pokemon has nearly 1000 of them, which for many people is too much, there's only a few good ones....just like ABE. Anything 3* and below is relatively useless, and unlike pokemon, all 4*+ birds are actually useful in some way, some better than others of course. I don't need a new bird every week, but I sure do need some innovation regularly. Keeping in line with this thought, There is almost no new content or features EVER. Changes and revisions, yes, but content? No.

    Pokemon added double battles, battle arenas, challenge areas, new moves, special events that only occurred occasionally, dozens of new maps and locations, new dialogue, day and night cycles, berries, etc. This game just adds a new (crappy) bird once a month and that's it. There is literally zero innovation or content update. There aren't even new maps or play features aside from reorganization of the playfield. They can take the time to redo MPDC and Event Island but you can't give me something to PLAY? Something FUN that keeps me here? Something that isn't the same thing its been for 6 months? yet we get a new (recycled) event each week? Nope, no content, no fun.


    I don't really know what else to say. I'm forgetting a lot, but I've been writing for almost two hours now. The game is just not fun for me anymore. I feel an obligation to my clan because I was just promoted to co-leader. I'm also finally a high enough level to be able to get far in the events which lets me feel good that I am stronger than all but 1 of my clanmates, Its nice being "the best". But aside from these two, there's nothing. Everything about this game has become broken. It is not fun anymore. The only thing keeping me here is the hope that one day things will change. I would feel bad for deleting the game because its a lot of time spent on fun, but the frustration and annoyance are not worth it. For me, Its kind of like being involuntarily forced to sell your prized car because it just won't stop breaking down.

    It was a sad day for me when I had to get rid of my 2002 BMW M3. I bought it at 19 with cash that I had saved up over 2 years. It was with me through 3 deployments, getting married, and having two kids. But at 180k miles, a failing engine, broken transmission, no AC, and now a broken window, it was time. I'd spent over $10k fixing that car over 5 years, but I couldn't keep doing it. The day I traded it in was a bittersweet moment. The angst was over, but the memories remained. That's where I'm at now. I will hang out in ABE for a few more weeks to see how this all turns out, but I can't say I will be around past Halloween unless things change.

    Also, I know people complain about customer service and lack of communications from Rovio, but whatever. That doesn't bother me, I've had decent experiences with CS and the one time Matys answered my claim his solution was spot on. I've had a different experience from many people so those complaints are interesting, but I don't share the frustration on this one. This is my rant so for those who feel like I left this part out, I didn't, I just don't have any issues with it and you can leave your thoughts below. It could be better, but it hasn't been terrible to me. Shout out to Emily on the support team for going out of her way with my account 3 different times. Thanks Emily.


    Thanks for listening. Good luck getting that golden for those who still have a few hours left before the Bomb event closes. Hopefully you guys will share your thoughts below.

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  3. Mr. Anderson

    Mr. Anderson Super Cool Bird

    That was a heck of a read but spot on!!!!
  4. Redwing

    Redwing Super Cool Bird

    I tend to agree. Once EM switched to gem reentry, I changed to playing only my free entry. Now that they've made it 10 levels for 20 gems, and that the goal resets each day, I don't even bother with EM during events. Outside of events, if the pig gets me and the next door isn't a multiple of 5, it's really a hard call to push on, pay to reenter or just abandon that silver ticket altogether. Rewards are so miserly, its pretty rare to have more evo mats or gold than can be found through scout missions. And as for Essence, I don't think I'll ever not have maxxed out essence. Sure when I was low level, it was hard to amass in quantity, but it seems once you can do 'Hard' or better dungeons, it fills up faster than you have 4-5 * birds to evolve. I'd rather they put gems back in EM than essence.

    Event Island is something I don't really have a strong opinion over, save for the insanely high points required for clan rewards or the reward nerfs in general. What I have found is with events no longer tied to scouting (who could forget what a total clusterf--- the first EI was, with its pay scout berries for entry), I tend to stockpile my berries for Saturdays and burn through them then. Sundays is mainly climbing arena and dungeons. Since I don't level birds on the weekend, I'm finding that, combined with selling all 3* or lower birds gained in that period, I can clear 40,000 gold on a good weekend. Once you get to your highest achievable level on EI and switch to quick battle, EI isn't that time consuming.

    Major Pecker's has taken a little adjustment. What I do like is you're no longer forced to shell out gems to complete it. Early on, I figured out that it wasn't even necessary to aim for the top level in old MPDC, since you couldn't get there in one run and all your snouts carried over anyway. The new format does give better rewards, even if you're limited to two runs a day. Also, quick battle is a nice touch over old MPDC.

    Arena. Can't really add more to it, than rewards really suck. Even on Sundays, when Arena gets double keys, it's not worth trying to push to the top of the ladder, since personal best rewards got nerfed harder than position ones.

    Trash new birds. Yeah, I agree there. So far the only decent one since I've been playing seems to be the black Everten soccer bird, and he was damn near impossible to get unless you were lucky or willing to spend big on gems. Birdstanio looked good on paper, but wow, talk about an underwhelming ability. Even the animations are unispiring, with the balls slowly rolling around the field. But that said, we weren't playing last year when the bulk of the content dropped. From what some of the old timers say, it seems like there was a pretty limited pool of birds on launch. But, you're right in that it's getting very close to the point where a new generation needs to be dropped in to reverse stagnentation. Given that they've recently added additional characteristic tags, maybe this is part of laying the foundations for a big drop. Of course, they'd need to move away from the current event system to do it, and given how that's pretty much crack that makes them money, I think they'll have as hard a time kicking as those spending big to get those 'unique' birds.

    The greed. If anything that will be what drives the existing players away. It looks like all but the top spending clans are already noticing players bleeding away from the game, with perks running low, or even out entirely, compared to earlier times when rewards were better. Rovio aren't unique in giving very little in return for their players time and money. It just seems to be part of the culture of mobile games. As long as they get a stream of new players, there's no incentive for them to retain players. A game can have a one star review, but as long as someone is working towards a reward from a referral program, there's no problem getting players- especially if that $10 Amazon/Playstation Store/other reward requires them to make an ingame purchase.
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  5. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    I prefer the old MPDC more, they ought to allow unlimited level in that one so us crazy people with crazy teams can keep on going. Old MPDC requires skills every night, now it is all quick play once you get to level 12.

    Arena becomes monotonous once you have a powerful team. They need either live real time real opponent PvP. Or bring back arena rules and only allow teams that follow the rules to get in.
  6. Gildan

    Gildan Super Cool Bird

    You keep harping on that point, but if they actually did that and changed nothing else about PvP, you'd still be complaining that they didn't because what you actually want is for the game to only select opponents with teams that meet the criteria. The teams you see as your opponents in the arena do not always match what they use when they are actually playing the arena, and they never have: you are playing against the computer, and the team it uses is a snapshot based on whatever the real human player happened to have set as their team when the computer selected them.
  7. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    No, he wants players to not be able to play it at all without using the full color (or whatever) team...
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  8. Gildan

    Gildan Super Cool Bird

    That's my point - just doing that would change literally nothing if the game still pulls opponents data the same way it does now, he'd just start complaining about how all these other people are suddenly "cheating" when their team isn't abiding by "the rules".
  9. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    I ran into opponents that are my family members and other clan members have ran into me also. It seems our respective main teams are there, just the tactics are controlled by AI.
  10. Nyk

    Nyk Motherflocker

    It wouldn't be difficult to implement a multi-team save function, allowing you to swap teams easily. One could be arena and the other could be event/main. It's a few settings and a gui update. This is my point of this major post. There's nothing new in this game and all the old stuff has now been broken. Where's the content? They are adding master birds now, essentially 6* birds. Why not do it right and roll out that feature in its entirety instead of piecemealing it together? Why is there no live PvP function? Where's the game play updates like implementing double bird battles? What about one on one's with your best bird vs the enemy or other player? What about battle map functional updates with bigger more elaborate maps? There's so much this game is capable of. It's a new genre entirely on its own! It has so much potential and yet instead of reinventing angry birds and adding content that is both fun and addicting, they just squeeze the players until they leave. I feel like a used sponge.

    This game could be so much more. For a little bit of developer investment, they could keep long-term players that generate reliable revenue. It's like investing in infrastructure, it's costs some upfront but pays back the initial investment plus dividends for a long time after. I just can't wrap my mind around it. I guess my issue isn't that the game sucks but that I hate seeing such poor decision-making and I feel helpless to stop it when the solution both exists and is easily implemented.
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  11. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    I asked Rovio on FB about saving the teams, the say way they have dungeon teams stored. They said "Soon". That started months ago when they had the arena rules originally.
  12. Tigerangels42038

    Tigerangels42038 Motherflocker

    Ive got a few opinions/thoughts on different bits throughout this thread so ill probably miss a few points but ill try and pull them together in this post.
    I agree that one of the best versions of EM was the win big/ lose big gamble versions with gold re-entry, it turned EM into a mini game within the game instead of just being an area to possibly restock some resources. It took some strategy and forethought to maximise your potential rewards. With gem re-entry players are realistically only going to do 1 or 2 EM runs and are stuck with whatever random pattern is assigned when the run is started, if you happen to get dealt 2 bad runs, tough luck since its unlikely you can afford to do a couple more. But when it was gold re-entry you could strategize for getting bad runs since you could probably afford to do all 5 runs. The only other version to come close to being as fun as that version was the original EM, in the original it still took a bit of skill and thought as you were potentially getting good gem payoffs but you only got 1 shot at it so you had to think it through. I wish i could agree that i was shocked when they changed it to gem re-entry but unfortunately id been playing long enough at that point that i wasnt surprised in the slightest they chose that version, it was a typical Rovio move, thinking of only the short term not the long term.
    There wasnt any skill needed during the old style of event either. To get top score in the old style all you had to do was quick play on insane and set an alarm so you didnt let scouts clock out. A brand new player could finish it just as easily as an established player. At least with new style there is some skill requirement and established players can get further since they will have a better chance of having the boosted birds and the skills to use them.

    MPDC had been a chore long before they gave us the quick play option, it had got to the point where nearly everyone was just auto playing it since it didnt matter which wave you went out on since you would need another run anyway. The biggest chore part of the old MPDC was constantly having to put in tickets (and getting condescending, arguementative, arrogant replies) since they couldnt code it properly so it would crash, making you lose the rewards you should have got or making you waste more time and 100 gems to do another run just to get what you should have in the 1st place. Worst part of having to pay to redo your run was there was no guarantee it wasnt going to crash on you again and waste even more time and gems. Even if the new MPDC quick play can be boring, ill still take that over the stress of the old one. Plus the quick play is optional, i can still play the tiers to test out/practice with any new birds before the next event starts.

    The rewards being cut has been a big blow to everyone (lost a couple of players due to that, thanks Rovio!), its looking like we will get the gems rewards back next event but the lack of gold is brutal. It was bad enough when they capped the amount of gold we could get in dungeon, nevermind halving the reward!

    Content wise.. As Redwing said the current content is a lot more compared to what we (players from the soft launch) started with. They have built it gradually and probably have plans for more in the future. ABE is Rovio's first venture into games of this type and its been a steep learning curve for them, i highly doubt they knew how much work this type of game was going to take. Also they have been closing development offices so they dont exactly have a huge R&D workforce that can speed up development and release new content as quickly as we will get through it. Id be happier if they just fixed the things that they have broken and give us the 2 things they have been promising us for months- a sort function for inbox and the ability to store different team line ups.

    Id like to see gems back in EM but ill be honest having essence in EM has saved me a few times lately, since we are constantly leveling birds for boosts in event ive come up short a few times and doing an EM run has saved the day. The problem i find with essence is the max capacity is too low, a 5* bird takes 175 essence to fully evolve and the limit is only 200, so i can be maxed out on essence for ages but if i fully evo a bird then have to do another bird of the same colour straight after im hurting for essence straight away. Considering it takes 45 insane dungeon runs to fill evo mats to limit, having the essence fill up in only 20 runs isnt really helpful lol.

    Spot on!! Rovio's greed has cost me some great players over the last 6 months.

    Theres no way Rovio's servers could handle unlimited levels, they would be constantly crashing with all that data. Rovio do live pvp in Battle Bay but they are having a lot of problems with it and thats a much simpler game than ABE. I highly doubt pvp rules will be back, the majority of players hated them and they caused glitches with the extra server usage.

    I like your ideas for the game Nyk and i get why you are frustrated that they are not making the most of the games potential, there is so many directions they could take the game in, the main thing thats probably stopping/ slowing them down will be money, your right that they need to invest the now to get a solid revenue stream further down the line, but since they listed the company things havent been going well and shareholders are watching their every move.
  13. Redwing

    Redwing Super Cool Bird

    I suppose I don't really notice it as much. Almost 6 months play compared to 12+months, I certainly have a smaller collection. And with Rovio doing Excavation Events between regular ones, it has sort of streamlined my evolution focus.

    The problem I find with essence rewards vs gem rewards, is Rovio has 3 mechanics in the game that provide essence - Fixed Dungeons, EM and evolution deals. Evoltuion deals probably offer the best bang for buck since their essence allows you to exceed the cap. Problem is they cost gems. And so does higher level clan perks and EM. Now that wouldn't be an issue if gem rewards were restored to what they used to be in arena and EM. It would actually provide more incentive to buy the odd 250 or 550 gem pack. But when what little gems are earned in the game need to be carefully rationed, gem packs tend to lose their incentive. There's little point spending money on gems when you can just consign yourself to a longer grind and knowing the trickle of gems will be enough to keep you from going under.
  14. Tigerangels42038

    Tigerangels42038 Motherflocker

    Oh yeah i completely agree that gems would be better in EM than essence, was just owning up that they have saved my bacon lately which i would never have expected lol. Back when they were tinkering with what rewards we got in EM i was adamant they should get rid of essence since i was constantly maxed in it. But now that we are getting evo mats from other places than dungeons im drowning in evo mats and not doing dungeons, which has left me short on essence. If they brought back gem rewards in EM and made essence available for gems like evo mats are, that would give us the most choice and have us still freely spending what gems we get in and not in hoard mode, would be a win/win.. which means they probably wont go for it lol :rolleyes::D

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