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the red rip off

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Archon, Jun 25, 2017.

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  1. Archon

    Archon Super Cool Bird

    Can someone explain to me how I'm at level 36, have a full team of every color of three star birds (five black, five blue, five yellow, etc) and I have opened no fewer than 34 premium tickets, including the ten pack that GUARANTEES at least one four star and I haven't gotten one AT ALL above a three?
    And busting my ass to complete the red excavation that all but promises Red with the ticket pack prize reward gave me nothing but two and three star birds?
    And finally...Here is the golden question: Can anyone tell me why I shouldn't take this to a legal venue?
    Because as I see it: with the word "guaranteed" in there (as part of the pitch, no less!) coupled with the fact that the "featured" bird (Red) is also under implied guarantee... Rovio is in violation of several business laws.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2017
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  2. ukjaybrat

    ukjaybrat Tiny Birdy

    because you would lose and waste even more money in the process. it's just a game. stop playing if you don't like your odds of winning.
  3. Archon

    Archon Super Cool Bird

    I'm not concerned about spending money on a lawyer. That cost would be absorbed in possible settlement. Besides, the wheels are already turning.
  4. Barry

    Barry Super Cool Bird

    I'm surprised that you haven't got a 4 star bird from the 10x. Whenever I have used them the last couple of birds have been the higher starred ones.

    As for the event, whilst it does imply that you will get Red, it doesn't explicitly state that you will. Therefore, I would suggest that Rovio have done nothing wrong.

    I can understand your frustration but an e-mail to support would probably be a better option concerning the 10x ticket.
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  5. Avas

    Avas Hatchling

    Complete rip off. When labelled GUARANTEED then you would expect at level 40 and decent crew that I would get al least one 4 or 5 star bird after 20+ hatches.

    I would like to contact the developers and ask for terms of the game and their legal team details.
  6. Andy

    Andy Tiny Birdy

    Took me 150 hatches to finally get red
  7. aux80

    aux80 Super Cool Bird

    I've been playing since August 2016, nearly a year now. I can honestly tell you that guaranteed 4-star means what it says. I've never had a 10-hatch that DIDN'T produce a 4-star (or fiver). There must be something wrong with your game.

  8. TurtleMafia

    TurtleMafia Super Cool Bird

    It's just poor luck. The odds are the same for everybody. I got my first Red on my fourth hatch in x1 and my second 19 hatches later on x4. The next event, or next few events, I might get no five star birds so it varies. While some hit bad luck, others might hit good luck. But given time, you're bound to hit some good luck.

    As for not getting a four star bird when using the ten ticket summon, that's not possible. Are you sure you summoned ten at a time or did you summon ten individually?
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  9. Big Bird

    Big Bird Hatchling

    20th hatch and no red
  10. Archon

    Archon Super Cool Bird

    Actually, in the last batch; it was twelve, one right after the other in one shot. 2 tickets from battles, plus the ten pack. AFTER the 25 or so tickets that came before. From that twelve I got 8 two star birds and 4 three star birds. No four star and no red.
    EDIT: My phone's autocorrect has the IQ of a toenail clipping. Changed 'lady' to 'last' after already spending more time fixing other errors than it took to write the reply itself in the first place.
  11. ukjaybrat

    ukjaybrat Tiny Birdy

    are you hatching one egg at a time or selecting the 10x hatch for 1350 gems? pretty sure only the 10x Hatch for 1350 gems has the guaranteed 4*
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  12. putte

    putte Super Cool Bird

    And make those 10x red fraud threads into one sticky folder also. Not only clan searchers...
  13. Avas

    Avas Hatchling

    The whole game is designed to make money and I truly believe that people who spend money on it re more likely to get 5* birds. Basically a rip off.
  14. TurtleMafia

    TurtleMafia Super Cool Bird

    There are entire threads of people ranting about not getting 5* birds despite spending money on the game. More money into the game simply means more chances with summons, not a higher Multiplier.
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  15. Terrence

    Terrence Super Cool Bird

    I can't agree with this. Calling ABE a ripped off is unfair to Rovio. The game is designed with the idea that putting in a little money can accelerate the progression via gold, keys, materials, etc but it's never design in the sense that without spending money means u get zero 5stars.

    Been playing ABE for a couple of mths now, since the start I have yet to compromise my PLAY-TO-WIN account via paying. Since the last 3 events ( Red, Captain, Chuck), I managed to grind out 2 Reds, 1 Freedom and 2 Chuck's.

    So unlike many, Rovio has nicely balanced grinding and rewarding.
  16. lickzy

    lickzy Tiny Birdy

    I suspect you are opening eggs individually and not 10x packs which guarantee a 4* plus.

    There is no guarantee on single eggs.
  17. Avas

    Avas Hatchling

    It is a rip off. Why do you think they keep churning games out? So that people spend more money.

    I have just done a 10 egg hatch and all I got was a single 4 star bird.

    The rewards on the game (coins and diamonds) has decreased significantly over the last two upgrades.

    The spectators in battles which when you hit give out rewards don't even flinch when hit sometimes.

    Rewards from battles in eggs only produce 1 star birds, heaven forbid something better drops.

    Come on. Do you think they employ all these games designers on peanuts. Of course they want to make money.
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  18. Avas

    Avas Hatchling

    In batches of 10 most of the time.
  19. Stakes

    Stakes Tiny Birdy

    First and foremost, in order to file a claim in court, you must be able to show damages. You have none shy of maybe a few dollars. If you are unsatisfied and want your money back, go through Apple or what ever source you used to make the purchase. With that being said, Rovio is a company in business to make money.
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  20. Archon

    Archon Super Cool Bird

    Actually...the point of the thing is that in providing a service, a business MUST deliver as advertised, as failure to do so constitutes false advertisement, and/or perpetrating a fraud. An advertisement in the public domain is counted as an endorsed and legally binding contract of service, knowingly presented and implemented. Terms of service goes both ways, ya know...
    It doesn't matter anyway. I've dropped the legal approach. To fight this, I've something far more effective in mind. Takes longer, but will be much more satisfying in the long run.
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