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"The Angries!" Clan lvl 18 now | Apply here

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Tariq, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. Tariq

    Tariq Hatchling


    Hello ABE players!
    please let me tell you that very soon we will reach clan lvl 17 & unlock 5 new spots for interested active players.
    we are progressing & improving rapidly in the clan lvls, teams power & arena.
    we communicate through a facebook group & chat which you will have to join if you are interested in our clan.
    we are very organized, committed & active players.
    we take turns to activate clan perks so if you join us you will take turn every
    MONTH. (isn't it cool? ;) )
    **no sudden kicking guaranteed :)
    if you are interested feel free to message me.

    Or send a request to our Facebook group Www.facebook.com/groups/the.angries
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2017
  2. Lken.

    Lken. Hatchling

    Accept me iam active and i donate . My name is H
  3. Tariq

    Tariq Hatchling

    you need to join our facebook group here The Angries!
  4. Lken.

    Lken. Hatchling

    Accept my join request to the group
  5. NathanAB

    NathanAB Tiny Birdy

    Sended a request accept
  6. Mister white

    Mister white Hatchling

    Hello I'm a new active player level 52.
    It Will be a pleasure To help the clan and play together for reaching the Best !
    I'm Mister White on the game and i already send you a friend request.
    Have a Great Day!
  7. Tariq

    Tariq Hatchling

    We just hit clan lvl 10. 5 new Angry members can join us now :)
  8. Tariq

    Tariq Hatchling

    Still looking
  9. Tariq

    Tariq Hatchling

    clan level 12 & 5 more spots soon, apply now
  10. Tariq

    Tariq Hatchling

    4 spots remaining
  11. Tariq

    Tariq Hatchling

    still looking for one trophy chaser
  12. Brocky

    Brocky Hatchling

    I've just started playing angry birds evolution. My name is Brocky and currently at level 12.I am active and can contribute to the team cause.Can I join your clan?
  13. Tariq

    Tariq Hatchling

    you need to be at least level 70 & 7000 trophies
  14. ChrimV

    ChrimV Hatchling

    I'm lvl 107 and highest trophy count is 11400 something. I typical activate current clans eggs weekly and am an elder. Play daily. Game name Tweety
  15. Tariq

    Tariq Hatchling

    still looking
  16. Tariq

    Tariq Hatchling

    go ahead and send you request to our facebook group
  17. Tariq

    Tariq Hatchling

    Apply now for the next spots
  18. EnomiZ

    EnomiZ Hatchling

    Hi, what level is needed?
  19. Tariq

    Tariq Hatchling

    Level 70
  20. Jz61410

    Jz61410 Hatchling

    Hi... I am very interested

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