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Teeny Tiny Evolution Patch Notes 1.11.2

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by MinasMorGhoul, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. MinasMorGhoul

    MinasMorGhoul Tiny Birdy Staff Member

    Thank y'all for the reports after the last update. We've added a Patch to the game that tackles most of your problems, most notably these bad boys:

    [​IMG] The 6th individual player reward has been added to the Daily Challenge!

    [​IMG] Super Shot Level Progression is now properly saved when you don't reach the next level in one go!

    [​IMG] No more freezing in PVP after playing the Daily Challenge!

    [​IMG] The Clan Leaderboard in the Daily Challenge is now correctly sorted!

    [​IMG] Critical Server Errors should be a thing of the past... mostly.

    And now head to the Store to download that Update! [​IMG]
  2. Nighty1209

    Nighty1209 Super Cool Bird

    Good update.
  3. erinskaggsweber

    erinskaggsweber Hatchling

    Yeah this update was available 12 hours ago for me but still very flawed.
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  4. Night

    Night Super Cool Bird

    This just happened a second ago. image.jpg
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  5. Phorx

    Phorx Tiny Birdy

    I see more errors than before!
  6. Dr. Possible

    Dr. Possible Super Cool Bird

    For me, critical server errors have been replaced with "Server Connection Lost", the app will reload. Basically the same thing since my internet connection's fine.
  7. I'm unable to get level up rewards.
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  8. Danny

    Danny Hatchling

    Boo, you made it harder to get the good rewards in daily challenge and removed 25 gems from each challenge run. Big change making it way less profitable.
  9. Dr. Possible

    Dr. Possible Super Cool Bird

    I thought it was just me that the game has gotten way too difficult really quickly. I haven't gotten a single premium ticket in days now!
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  10. esor

    esor Hatchling

    My scout just dropped out of the sky
  11. NathanAB

    NathanAB Tiny Birdy

    Minas that is jacquie from AB TNT
  12. Nighty1209

    Nighty1209 Super Cool Bird

    Wow, what? Really?
  13. NathanAB

    NathanAB Tiny Birdy

    Yep. That is
  14. Chupi

    Chupi Hatchling

    What happened to premium hatch tickets? This game is on its way to the recycle bin
  15. Kamciity

    Kamciity Hatchling

    I just want to know when these special eggs will drop because I’m currently on level 31 going to 32 n still haven’t seen any of these special eggs
  16. Mojns

    Mojns Tiny Birdy

    They are really really rare, Im at 112 and i have had 3
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  17. Hyp

    Hyp Hatchling

    Im level 83 and just had my first one a couple of days ago
  18. Mark Gunter

    Mark Gunter Hatchling

    I’m level 107 and have yet to see one.
  19. 5150 Chicklet

    5150 Chicklet Hatchling

    I am at lvl 104 and only had 2!

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