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Switching FB Acct.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Funperson, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. Funperson

    Funperson Tiny Birdy

    I know the game is linked to FB account, but is there a way to change the FB account it's liked to?
  2. Tigerangels42038

    Tigerangels42038 Motherflocker

    You would need start a new game by logging out of your current facebook linked account (make sure to take note of the account ID before you log out), log into your new game account with your new facebook account and sent a ticket in to customer services with the account ID of your old game and ask for it to be transferred over. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing how long it will take them to restore your game or if they will even answer the ticket.
  3. Nyk

    Nyk Motherflocker

  4. Ceez

    Ceez Tiny Birdy

  5. Nyk

    Nyk Motherflocker

    Lol now that the spam post is gone it just makes me look like a jerk...

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