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Story mode and rewards

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Riedgu, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. Riedgu

    Riedgu Guest


    I wanted to ask if rewards increase if I advance the storyline?
    I know that now no matter how far into storyline I would go - max strength of pigs is 30k. But is it worthy? Because I suppose event points are the same 5-10-15, but does xp and coins increase?

    ATM I am at Chapter 17 - just finished red crater and all dungeons are open.

    From event scout in insane mode I get:

    50xp, 30+ gold, 15 event points, 15 evo mats
  2. AxS

    AxS Hatchling

    My storymode are looped. Pigs are at 22k in the story mode fights.
    Done it some rounds, seems like they are not getting buffed, the rewards is still the same.
  3. Desert Song

    Desert Song Super Cool Bird

    Rewards never go up. The story just goes on and on. There is still at least one good reason not to advance in story mode beyond unlocking the Red area. That reason is Clocks! If your Insane battles are 8175, you can complete any clock adventure with only one level 80+ bird of the correct color. If your Insame mode is 30,000 you will need 3-4 birds to complete one Clock adventure.
  4. Agentjoseph

    Agentjoseph Tiny Birdy

    Rewards max out at a certain level for your player. I recommend keeping insane mode to the point where you could let the game play on its own without you worrying about dying
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