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Steve: Strong or Wide?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RemixFTW, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Moderator

    I currently have a level 60 Steve waiting to evolve but I’m stuck on which one to pick.

    It may seem obvious that wide may be the better choice since it says it has a WIDE range. I’m just curious what strong upgrading carpet does differently from wide and if it’s better.
  2. Pedro Monteiro

    Pedro Monteiro Super Cool Bird

    Wide is better, i have both evolved strong first and the extra AOE is much more usefull than the extra damage, so learn from my mistake
  3. VeronicaVaughnV

    VeronicaVaughnV Super Cool Bird

    Wide for sure
  4. Skit

    Skit Super Cool Bird

    Wide! The Aoe is pretty good to clear the board in pvp.
  5. SquawkTron

    SquawkTron Motherflocker

    Definitely wide.
  6. Bad Person

    Bad Person Tiny Birdy

    Sell him and hatch jacquie.

    Steve is the worst 5 star in the game. BY FAR FAR FAR
  7. Ray Estrella

    Ray Estrella Super Cool Bird

    strong so he can wear skinny jeans...
    Redders likes this.
  8. Pedro Monteiro

    Pedro Monteiro Super Cool Bird

    i reached 20k on the arena with steve on my team must mean he's terrible
  9. Dan1212

    Dan1212 Super Cool Bird

    disagreed fully... like you havent met Terence, red and Geraldine
  10. Vtcntrygrl

    Vtcntrygrl Hatchling

  11. Bad Person

    Bad Person Tiny Birdy

  12. Skit

    Skit Super Cool Bird

    For some reason I always chuckle if the opponent has Geraldine in their team lol I have a wide upgrading Steve at P4, he’s not bad at all when the board has no powerups but I’m going to either have one of my two Eddies or the turkey eventually replace him because of his ss.
    Ps: I have hit 16k in pvps with Probotnik, Fire rooster, Steve, Carson and Carson.

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