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So who's liking the new Eagle Mountain "Casino" ;)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by It'SaBiRd, May 3, 2018.


Do you..

  1. Love it!

    7 vote(s)
  2. Hate it..

    14 vote(s)
  3. What??!

    1 vote(s)
  1. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Super Cool Bird

    Eagle Mountain in ABE and the Elevator in AB2 are both slot machines no matter how you look at it.
  2. Gildan

    Gildan Super Cool Bird

    Still better than mine, I have a silver ticket on floor 12 and then a stack of keys on 22, I don't think gems are on the list until 42 (I would confirm that but I'm running quite low on gold at the moment).
  3. Starman.thc

    Starman.thc Super Cool Bird

    I had a silver on 12 , another on 22, then the next few were multiple silvers, then the top 2 prizes were gold tickets...but piggie is popping up a lot more than it was before this tweak...so working out poorly for me...
  4. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    Yeah, the last 3 days have been crazy lousy with pigs. I used to average 1 pig in the first 20 floors. Now the average is 3. So much for all the re-entries I was doing. Every time Rovio gets something right in the game where we can actually gain something & enjoy it, they nerf things. Ridiculous.
    Between this, the server errors & horrible customer service, I am seriously considering dropping this game & any future Rovio games (if they don't collapse soon anyway).
  5. Lenaj76

    Lenaj76 Tiny Birdy

    Eagle Mountain hasn't been very useful for me in awhile (aside from 20 gems to play).. I didn't think it could get any worse... yet somehow it did.
    Yesterday I decided id try to get to some of the new gems.. was hit by 4 pigs by wave 14.
  6. OmSo73

    OmSo73 Tiny Birdy

    Sounds like a beta test to me. My rewards are different than what I see on here. Some are better than others.
  7. kiwiloganalt

    kiwiloganalt Tiny Birdy

    Lvl 20 no longer evolves, + pigs are like 3* as common, so it's terrible
  8. Witkacy [PL]

    Witkacy [PL] Super Cool Bird

    Afternoon everyone :)

    For a while I DID enjoyed of playing Eagle's Mountain and was willing to throw SOME coins and diamonds to get some tickets (which been utterly nerfed from event chests, enough to be said that I've got more 4* birds off Clan Egg Perk during this event, than silver tickets after the bosses fights LOL), quite recently I've got Dutch as reward for hitting 70th floor... Beside him I've got 6 silver tickets, LOTS of coins, mats etc. Sure I paid 400 diamonds - though no regret at all, being all the way very pleased... Now after the latest improvements (provious ones were about to encourage peps to try and hit higher levels, right? That's why they lowered pigs encounters) I am NOT being encouraged anymore and NOT willing to spend diamonds or coins to win something, as it's more than SURE I would bump on thief pig AS SOON AS POSSIBLE... Yesterday on ALL my re-tries (4) at Eagle's Mountain ALWAYS picked the first pig at 2-4 floors, the earliest though, was right behind door #2!... So back to the past scheme - hit 1st door and leave... Thanks Rovio...

  9. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    Yeah, it's almost as if they are actively trying to get established players to quit lately...
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  10. OmSo73

    OmSo73 Tiny Birdy

    Before Rovio updated the Eagle Mountain (EM) where you could get gems in the first 5 floors (20+), I was walking away with 300-500+ gems and at one time, 1000 gems. That wasn't the case anymore since they updated EM where the first few floors had no gems and the thief would take 20 gems. I had to jump out after getting caught once. Rarely I would pass 10 floors and EM became very frustrating. This is frustrating for a lot of the elite players who exceeded the 15K trophy mark where beating your previous score get you extra gems but instead the result of what place you're in pvp. This is forcing some players to buy gems. Gems are required to keep clan perks going and buy silver/golden ticket for hatchery. I refuse to buy gems. I have to grind for keys from pvp matches to use in dungeons to get coins and stay in the top 5 to win gems to donate to my clan perks. I believed the raised prestige to level 10 was a nice addition but at the cost of extra coins (prestige 9 to 10 = 6600 coins per totem). This can take a very long time to get all 5 star birds to prestige 10.
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  11. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    Everything they do anymore is purely in an attempt to make people spend real $$. Players be damned...
    They don't get it at all when it comes to player loyalty. Changing a good thing that makes the game fun everyday into a frustration & resource pit is counterintuitive & stupid. If they just lowered the cost of gems, people would be much more willing to spend in order to feed the instant gratification desire to level up. But what they are doing in fact is loosing players or forcing most of us to just be ultra patient & grind instead of spending a dime.

    BTW... I have noticed today that when the Arena freezes it no longer pops up the "critical server error" notice like it used to. Is this just another way they are trying to deny responsibility for their ineptitude? Or, is this a different issue?
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  12. Witkacy [PL]

    Witkacy [PL] Super Cool Bird

    Wolf :)

    Nothing much needed to be said... Spot on :) They have forgotten one simple rule here: ''If you wish people SPEND, you have to allow to EARN some first''... While I play and my rewards being highly DOUBTFUL to grab, quite opposite to the fact that I would have to pay/lost quite certain amount of diamonds first FOR SURE - makes me not willing to play AT ALL this part of the game... Is that simple :)

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  13. Lenaj76

    Lenaj76 Tiny Birdy

    66.7% Love it? I cant imagine that 66% are playing the same EM I am. Even if i spend gems to get further.. im lucky if i break even, but more than likely im just out alot of gems.
  14. Witkacy [PL]

    Witkacy [PL] Super Cool Bird

    Afternoon everyone :)

    So... I did couple runs at today's night to check out if being out of luck yesterday was just temporary or not... I can now re-enter using coins (180, 350 and so on) so might be test my luck a bit more...

    Here we go!
    Normal attempt - take #1:


    Not good... It happens though... Sure I NOT wanted to play on... No tickets and the lowest tier prize (20 diamonds) would be up up for grab if passed floor 12th... That's seems to be very far to reach and with MANY pigs up ahead for sure... Besides... Why I should pay 20 diamonds to keep (for a while) 5 blue mats? I could be loosing them later on, one way or another while run out of diamonds, which seemed to me VERY POSSIBLE with that ratio of hitting the thief pig... Give up...

    First re-try - take #2:


    Not good... Still not wished to play on as haven't won ANYTHING JUST YET, besides now lost some coins for re-entering... Give up...

    Let's move on...


    No it's not the same pic as above - it was second re-try and take #3... All quiet on the Eagle's Mountain I could be said... Another coins been lost, though it was very ENLIGHTENING experience... I guess no need to comment this even more...

  15. Lenaj76

    Lenaj76 Tiny Birdy

    Thats pretty much how mine was going.. until last night.. I won a total of about 6000 gems.. and a few tickets from free turn and gold re-entries.. 1st 2 times I won the most.. but seem to be going back to pigs everywhere by the last try. Im guessing its to keep us going back, let us win big and get us to spend gems in the hopes of a big win again. Idk.. I wont be spending any $$ But sure was nice to finally win in EM.. :D
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  16. Witkacy [PL]

    Witkacy [PL] Super Cool Bird

    Lenaj :)

    Congrats... Well... As you can see THE MOST I could be grab is 200 diamonds while pass 62th floor, so there's NO WAY for me to try to hit that level as for SURE I would be loosing MUCH MUCH MORE in the process (or even everything and be forced to buy or quit with nothing), unless having couple thousands of diamonds to cover up any losses up ahead... But if I would have couple thousands diamonds for real, I WOULDN'T risk to loose them to get 200? I guess it's pretty obvious to everyone (beside Rovio)...

    So for now... I won't be using Eagle's Mountain to LOOSE any more diamonds or coins... Grasp all, loose all...

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  17. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    Pig on floor 1, that's crazy! First floor is supposed to be pig free...
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  18. Lenaj76

    Lenaj76 Tiny Birdy

    Not anymore.. all week I was getting a pig on floor 1-5 every day till yesterday.
  19. Lenaj76

    Lenaj76 Tiny Birdy

    Ive had other members get similiar rewards from EM (not often) .. Im sure its not going to be everyday for anyone... its probably just to get us to try daily for more.. So, hopefully you get a payday soon :)
    Its obvious from the beginning in EM when its going to let you win.. as long as I was ahead in gem rewards, I kept going... but after 800 gem pig, the 1600 isnt worth it.. and its about 2 or 3 floors after 800 pig. So if anyone gets the chance, stop after the 800 pig if you want to keep most of the gems.
    Good Luck, hope everyone gets a payday! :D

    *edit - Witkacy, I just realized you have the other rewards.. not sure id spend much for that. Some of have just alot of gems for rewards.. so hopefully we all get a chance with just gems.
    Last edited: May 7, 2018
  20. Lenaj76

    Lenaj76 Tiny Birdy

    Back to normal now.. lol
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