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Show your 5-star birds (Repost)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MightyRed, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Cowboysfan

    Cowboysfan Tiny Birdy

    Who is Cenk and Angro
  2. Mr. Anderson

    Mr. Anderson Super Cool Bird

    Cenk is the black bird from the last soccer event

    Angro is agromedon .. the robot blue bird
  3. Cowboysfan

    Cowboysfan Tiny Birdy

    Wasn’t in the last event do to Apple’s greed so thanks
  4. Nyk

    Nyk Motherflocker

    Care to elaborate?
  5. Unq

    Unq Hatchling

    2018-09-06 20.40.44.jpg 1 annie, 1 trash, 3 theo, 1 red, 1 dr. probo, 1 byron, 1 geraldine missing from the picture as they are lvl < 60 and didn't bother digging them up.
    I'd say pretty impressive collection for someone who has invested only 0.99 EUR if I recall right. Just because I don't want to give a single cent more to a company, that doesn't listen to their customers and hit copy paste responses in customer care without reading and answering the question. Also bonus points for locking tickets without answering.
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  6. Ceez

    Ceez Tiny Birdy

    Updated list
  7. Chris moser

    Chris moser Hatchling

    1 fire rooster x2
    2 Ricky red mandate x2
    3 Claude x2
    4 angry Santa x1
    5 Red x2
    6 Terence x2
    1 Dutch x2
    2 cenk x2
    3 xenoflockerx2
    4 kowaslski the elf x1
    5 Eddie the bird x2
    6 bomb x2
    7 Byron x2
    8 pro Probotnik x2
    1 Matilda x2
    2 Steve x2
    3 Annie x2
    4 dedsw1n3 x2
    5 captain freedom x2
    6 fringe harbinger of doom x2
    1 chuck x2
    2 star quarterback x2
    3 cold turkey x1
    4 Cyril x2
    5 el gefe x1
    6 billy the blitz x2
    7 Theo x2
    8 lady bacon x2
    1 grandfather frost x2
    2 heavy metal Annie x2
    3 birdstiano x2
    4 thrash x2
    5 Murphy x2
    6 Angromedon x2

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