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Shiny Totem to XP Totem! Get shiny while you still can!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by QueenElsa, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. QueenElsa

    QueenElsa Most Best Staff Member

    To be clear, enthusiasts is quoting me and not staff.
    @Stakes You lose nothing, their application just changes.
    @Paganini wish you the best of luck, but there's no guarantees I can give you.
  2. enthusiasts

    enthusiasts Super Cool Bird

    @QueenElsa oops :D

    @Paganini please do let us know if you can claim your calendar end reward from rovio, I got 12 days worth of unclaimed calendar rewards, if you can claim it I dont see why not everybody :D
  3. lickzy

    lickzy Tiny Birdy

    That is totally painful... Annie is probably the second best bird you can get, outside of event birds. Don't waste your time here, start talking to support ASAP and take screens.

    Hopefully they can help you out because losing out on Annie would be absolutely terrible.
  4. Paganini

    Paganini Super Cool Bird

    Thanks Elsa and everyone. One day and 12 hr 21 minutes to go to claim the Annie...
    You know the feeling...
  5. Nighty1209

    Nighty1209 Super Cool Bird

    Good luck!
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  6. Stakes

    Stakes Tiny Birdy

  7. Night

    Night Super Cool Bird

    ↑ LOL! The qouting system is so messed up! xD
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  8. putte

    putte Super Cool Bird

    Hahaha... And a silly white bird. Nothing to cry about. I just put another white 5 star bird into Chucks mouth...:cool:
  9. Buds

    Buds Motherflocker

    Annie is no joke for damage hitting.
    I haven't even got her but I still know her true power.
  10. putte

    putte Super Cool Bird

    Sure, when you are able to hit...:p
  11. QueenElsa

    QueenElsa Most Best Staff Member

    @Stakes dang, but you can get the often enough! I had said before that the shiny effect is what changes, and would have mentioned that they leave your inventory.
    I replied soon as I could - timezones and the like.
  12. mwsupra

    mwsupra Hatchling

    For me, my shiny totems turned into the new angry XP ones.
  13. Night

    Night Super Cool Bird

    Yup. With the last update it was intended to change from shiny ones to xp infusing ones.
    image.jpg image.jpg
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