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Shame On You, Rovio. Shame, Shame

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by DivePhilippines, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. DivePhilippines

    DivePhilippines Tiny Birdy

    Unless I am mistaken, EVERY bird prior to the last event had a SS cooldown drop of 1 at Level 40 and another at Level 80. This means all birds evolved above level 80 end up with a cooldown 2 less than what they started with.

    Enter Cold Turkey. Checking him out in the event we see he has a cooldown of 3, leading us to believe he'll end up with a fully evolved cooldown of 1. Those who have Chuck (or 2 or 3) probably aren't excited but us Chuck-less players are praying for a Turkey in a Ticket.

    I was one of the Chuck-less players lucky enough to snag a Turkey. Today I finally got him evolved to Level 60 and saw... Gasp! The cooldown actually increases from 2 back up to 3. This means at Level 80 his cooldown will end up at 2, not 1 (which has been verified by other threads). So much for my Wannabe Chuck and so much for having a decent replacement for 4*, SS 1 Bette, who always seems to make things worse in arena battles. I maxed out 4* Jimmy but he is still just too weak at Rank 7. I'm hoping Rank 10 will make him a better killer; I guess I'll find out in several months as SS totems are just not coming too easy.

    I wrote to Rovio about this Turkey issue and they replied this cooldown increase is by design. So months after public release and Lord knows how many birds, Rovio decides to stray away from the norm. They tease us with a bird that, by what we are used to, appears to have a cooldown that will end up at 1. Players spend money buying tickets. They spend money buying scouts or dungeon keys or evolution tokens just so they can get their bird to cooldown of 1, only to discover they've been duped. At Level 60, instead of the cooldown staying the same as it has with every other bird, it INCREASES by 1. This changes the lineup in arena battles because now Turkey is no longer ready on your 3rd shot but instead your 4th. And it will never be ready on your 2nd shot like you believed it would, unless you kill a "clock" pig.

    Shame on you Rovio. You continue to abruptly change things just to keep f*cking us over.
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  2. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Moderator

    They should just make him a 4 SS bird to start with so there will be less disappointment
  3. Dan1212

    Dan1212 Super Cool Bird

    hes not the only bird by the way as Matilda (in opposite direction) , Terence , and now Cold turkey do this. Ever since Terence and especially eddie, i've always said, we can't know how good a bird is , until we see what the evolution is because everything before that is all subject to change.

    I believe they didnt think it was right to have a ss 4 timer bird at that power of a supershot is my guess, because they are catering to low level players as well i'd guess.. who take a while to level up there birds, so im guessing they want him to be somewhat useful .
  4. David Simonton

    David Simonton Tiny Birdy

    I JUST NOW FOUND THS OUT TOO (with Cold-Turkey's SS number going UP), and ALSO wrote to Rovio (adding #FALSEadvertising into the mix w/them CONSTANTLY having False-Advertising, then just updating the app, &blaming it on that!)!! SHAME ON ROVIO!! SHAME ON ALL THEIR HOUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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