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Rovio seriously needs fix to PvP matchmaking.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RemixFTW, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Moderator

    ”PvP is determined by trophies so noobies can fight noobies due to them being at low trophies and pros fight pros due to them having high trophies”

    This is a complete lie. I started seeing full prestige teams at 7150 trophies. I can not even get past that amount thanks to Rovio’s crummy matchmaking system. Why on earth are P5 teams doing at the bottom of the leaderboard? I can imagine a noob, finally getting to champions league only to be kicked down repeatedly by P5 teams trolling others by staying at the bottom. Rovio has ignored this problem for months now, just like MPDC. Speaking of MPDC, noobs won’t even be able to level up their birds as easily as pros due to them losing out on 1/4 SS totems. Then when they fight P5 SS 10 pros with a generic team (Claude, Chuck, 2 Matilda, and any other bird or a 2nd chuck) they will get kicked down all the way back to where they started and give up on PvP. Being angry and possibly delete the game. Rovio needs to fix PvP a lot by changing the team power you face against on how low trophies you are. Or by making PvP determined with team power. But that has some flaws. So Rovio can take a random team, and set its team power based on how many trophies you have. Example: 8000 trophies guy will fight 25k - 30k teams while a 15k trophies guy will face off Full P5 teams. And 7150 people face off 18K - 21K teams. So if Rovio can fix PvP, noobs can enjoy the game as much as the pros enjoy this game.

    Edit: MPDC is back but the problem with P5 teams at low trophies persists...
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  2. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

    The problem is how to fix it. I’m level 147 and have five 5* birds at at least PL4 and when I lose I lose to level 100-110 teams not level 150+. You see lower level teams with strong teams well above where they should be

    Unfortunately this game has short duration play because once you do the minimum of the story mode there is nothing to play for other than collecting birds and leveling your team

    The events are rigged to the only way to win is use diamonds and spend money to get the clan event prized items. Who wants to do that?

    This game is so flawed from the start and really unfair to all players but especially for new players
  3. dosetsu

    dosetsu Tiny Birdy

    PvP can only be fixed by matchmaking team power rather than trophies collected from whichever bracket you’re in.

    Player level has no bearing on balance where money is the determining factor of player power. You have some players that are 130+ in level with a 4 star team and then you have those that are 70 and 5 star team that has all the event birds.
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  4. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

  5. AdamCarter

    AdamCarter Hatchling

    I’m confused by why I keep getting matched up against waaaay stronger teams. I get it that the match up is based on trophies. ... I’m level 77 with 8,729 trophies, do I have more trophies than is typical for someone at my level? Why do I keep getting matched up against level 125+ dudes with five 5-star birds fully maxed out. You’d think they should have way more trophies than me.

    So I guess my main question is why do such high level players seem to have (relative to their level) low trophy count?
  6. dosetsu

    dosetsu Tiny Birdy

    I am not sure how true it is, but I’ve seen it mentioned a few times now that inactive players get bumped down brackets. I do, however, know that inactive players will always sit at the reset trophy amount for whatever bracket they are in, so realistically speaking, yes, you will encounter a lot of powerful teams that have low trophy count as matchmaking is based on the current count and not the record.

    Another thing they could do to balance PvP a bit more is simply to include more brackets all together. There should definitely be brackets of 10,000, 15,000 and 20,000.
  7. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

    The champion bracket is 7,000 and every week the very best players starts there. If you have 7,001 you will start out in the highest league. Thus, you are 77 level and you would be in the same group as the very best player of all time as long as he/she has 7,001+
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  8. Buds

    Buds Motherflocker

    Before Oinktagon 2.0 (basically, softlaunch), the difficulty was determined the same way as you do in story mode.
    So if you progressed barely into the story, you'd have really weak opponents in Insane. If you progressed far, you'd be fighting really strong opponents.
    But, instead of having so many trophies to rank up, you needed to be in the top 3 to rank up. No divisions, just straight to Premium league if you kept winning.
    Then, Rovio decided that this version is better. No questions asked to the public. Didn't ask if we liked the current Oinktagon. Nope. Just went straight with it.
  9. BelethS

    BelethS Hatchling

    Tbh I like the system as is now. It gives a bit of a challenge, to go against a lot higher power level teams. It would actually be boring to autowin all the time in arena. Man, in the begining, I went from 1200 trophies to 7090 in one week... With like 99% win rate. Boring as ****.

    Even if you don't go against real human players, it is a game of skill too. I have won against teams with 10-15k+ more power in arena, by using clevelry the super shots.
    I also lost to teams with 5k less power, due to missed shots and sheer bad luck.

    So yea, I enjoy the challenge, and actually go rather for higher power level teams than my own power level, just for the sake of it.
    And each week, I'm never finishing in the bottom of the league, rather in the upper 25%. Even with *just* 23k power.
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  10. AdamCarter

    AdamCarter Hatchling

    ABBCE262-DE43-4DD6-A027-C1321D024453.png I agree, I do like a challenge, I don’t want to simply blow everyone away. But I feel like there are too many matchups like this one.
  11. AdamCarter

    AdamCarter Hatchling

    Wouldn't it be pretty easy to take team health into account in addition to trophies?

    That's really the issue, if you have a high powered team you have huge health ... I have a decent team but sometimes taking out a full group of pigs does so little damage relative to the opponents health it looks like I barely made a ding in it. Then they take out all the pigs and my health drops by 90%.

    A simple range of your team's health +/- some factor would make it more fair.
  12. FFirecracker

    FFirecracker Tiny Birdy

    I came on this board tonight out-of frustration for exactly all those reasons, getting so discouraged in pvp, I just can't get ahead and I'm always matched with very high level opponents. All seem very unfair to me.
  13. Slyguysmiley

    Slyguysmiley Tiny Birdy

    It’s a ladder system. Why does everyone think they’re entitled to easy wins?
  14. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

    I really don't mind the range of weak to strong opponent. PvP is the only challenging object of this game...major pecker is too I guess. What I do think is that if you beat a higher level opponent you should gain more and lose less. Likewise if you battle a lower opponent you should win less and lose more.

    I do think there should be a league that is higher than 7K. Like if you get 12K three weeks in a row you are now in the elite league and start off at 12K.
  15. Dan1212

    Dan1212 Super Cool Bird

    i dont think anything is challenging in this game anymore.. both major pecker and pvp is too ez.. 100% win rate . I hope they do something for the people with max teams.. Because other than new birds.. Its not like a new bird will improve my winrate.. its just like a " i must level that up and try it out" feeling ..

    I want to see some special probably 1 time a week events where like say.. a major pecker goes into unlimited waves.. or some sort of new game mode.. or perhaps a real 1v1 match maker against real opponents.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
  16. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Moderator

    I'd like to see more leagues and a mode where you must only use 1 bird in a giant arena against 3 other people.

    It'll be like this
    I choose Buffalo Bills Star Quarterback (Lvl 80) as my bird to enter the arena
    Someone chooses Chuck (P1) to enter the arena
    Another person chooses Eddie the bird (Lvl 73)
    Finally someone chooses Carson (P5)

    The goal is the kill as many pigs on the arena as possible. There is 25 pigs varying in health and type (few normal pigs, few bacon-corp pigs, few medium pigs) and killing pigs adds to your kill count. Supershots can only be activated by killing a Pasty or Boss Pig. After everyone goes 3 - 5 times the round ends and whoever gets the most kills wins 75 trophies, if you lose then you'll lose 35 trophies.
  17. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

    I totally agree. I have no challenge and only look forward to new birds and leveling them up

    I play the events and look forward to ones my small but very active clan can compete in
  18. Gang Pan

    Gang Pan Hatchling

    I think a most easy challenge to set is a color day pvp. Another pvp field only use the color of the day.
  19. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Moderator

    I think what you’re thinking of is MPDC since the color of the day gets a attack boost but PvP doesn’t get a attack boost, regardless of the day.
  20. Gang Pan

    Gang Pan Hatchling

    In white day , only white birds can join the specific pvp field. And that field can earn more points than normal pvp field.
    That makes you build strong pvp teams for each color.

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