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Reward disappeared

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by Battle Battalion, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Battle Battalion

    Battle Battalion Tiny Birdy

    i got first place for the alien event, which would've given me the last 50 spaceship parts to get my 10 tickets. I waited as the last few seconds ticked down then the event ended. 2 screens showed up on the screen on top of each other, winning the player event and winning the clan event, and then it froze. I couldn't click on any buttons, they went through the animation of being clicked but nothing happened. I couldn't claim my reward, or exit out of the screen. After a minute of the game not responding, I restarted it. When I logged back in, the event screens didn't pop up again. Upon checking in at the hatchery, I didn't get my reward for completing the event (I used enough of my tickets so that I would have 25 tickets when I claimed the reward, I only have 15). I may not have recieved my gem reward for winning the clan event either but I wasn't paying attention to how many gems I had before the event ended.

    How is this going to be fixed? Is it hidden somewhere that I don't see it?

    Edit: I have 100/100 with a ton of birds in my messages. I don't see the 3 XP totems in there so I can confidently say I didn't receive the 150 gems either.
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  2. TonyDaTaco

    TonyDaTaco Hatchling

    I had the exact same issue.
  3. dragoneer

    dragoneer Tiny Birdy

    Same issue. I was able to completely exit out of the app and get back in and claim the reward (I thought coming in first gave the bird AND the tickets -- those icons are misleading for new players). But it completely crashed with the animation displaying halfway on the screen.
  4. Night

    Night Super Cool Bird

    Did you click on the event "banner"? It's on the top left, right next to your profile pic. Your prizes should be claimed from there. If it's not there then try writing a message to the support team, maybe they can help you.
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  5. GetOffThis

    GetOffThis Hatchling

    Happened to me too
  6. TonyDaTaco

    TonyDaTaco Hatchling

    The banner disappear as soon as the event ended. There is no place i can claim it from.
  7. jokled

    jokled Hatchling

    Same issue, banner is also gone.
  8. Battle Battalion

    Battle Battalion Tiny Birdy

    What happened to the 24 hours after the events end to claim your rewards? This wasn't a problem when that was still a thing.
  9. Pigstar

    Pigstar Tiny Birdy

    Same issue here. Sending a message to support
  10. Battle Battalion

    Battle Battalion Tiny Birdy

    How do I message them?
  11. Ghost

    Ghost Hatchling

    Support team won't do shit. They will ignore
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  12. MrVociferous

    MrVociferous Hatchling

    Same exact thing happened to me. I had 200 of the event things you gather and should have had another 50 coming because I finished first. But after the event ended the banner went away and there was no way to claim them. I've done the exact same thing the last couple of events and have always been able to collect.
  13. Emaan

    Emaan Hatchling

    Same happened to me
  14. Papu

    Papu Tiny Birdy

    Same here...
  15. David Rainone

    David Rainone Hatchling

    Same. I dont have any of the rewards that i won from the event.
  16. Gibson

    Gibson Tiny Birdy

    I think all people facing the same issue here ! :(
  17. Kiteflyer

    Kiteflyer Super Cool Bird

  18. Wouter

    Wouter Hatchling

    Same here
  19. Washboard25

    Washboard25 Hatchling

    Seems like ALOT of people are dealing with this
  20. Battle Battalion

    Battle Battalion Tiny Birdy

    Just got a reply from support and recieved my missing parts/tickets. I didn't get my clan rewards but I don't mind that.

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