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Replace clan leader

Discussion in 'FAQ's' started by GaryN, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. GaryN

    GaryN Hatchling

    is there anyway to replace or get rid of a clan leader that is no longer active?
  2. Dr. Possible

    Dr. Possible Super Cool Bird

    Not really. The clan leader is the only one you can't kick. If you have 500 gems, start a clan and ask all the members to join you with the reason that the clan leader's not playing anymore :)
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  3. DivePhilippines

    DivePhilippines Tiny Birdy

    I asked Rovio about this, even asking if they could contact the non-playing leader. They said there was nothing they could do but recommending I start my own clan and have other clan players follow me. Good news is that all the player stats move so you are not starting a clan from scratch. The way I look at it, once your clan starts to grow bigger & bigger, the less impact one non-playing member will have.

    LTHAMMER Hatchling

    I had this problem and had to start a new clan. Moved everyone over but had to start at clan level 1 again. Took a little bit to get it built back up. Best thing is to leave the clan and start this as soon as possible so you do not waist growing a clan you don't want to be in. If you are clan level 10 or above it may be worth dealing with having 1 inactive person as long as the other leader is active.
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  5. DivePhilippines

    DivePhilippines Tiny Birdy

    I am very surprised at this as Rovio told me everything gets moved over to the new clan so it would not be like starting over.
  6. rafidi

    rafidi Super Cool Bird

    What's this? Discord? From where did you contact themt?
  7. DivePhilippines

    DivePhilippines Tiny Birdy

    I contacted them right from the game - under "Help and Support"

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