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RemixFTW’s Top 5 Worst 5* Evolutions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RemixFTW, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Moderator

    #5 - Power Row (Red)

    This super shot makes the pigs get decent kick damage but there’s a catch. The pig UPGRADES power-ups. This can be very problematic since they are claimable by your opponent. And if red upgrades a damage power then your opponent uses Carson. Then R.I.P you.

    #4 - Not On My Watch (Bomb)

    If this move wasn’t buggy then this would actually be pretty great. But since this move is buggy, it’s just a explosion with nothing else happening after it. If the move wasn’t buggy then the super low turn increase rate also makes this pretty bad.

    #3 - Revolting Undie (Geraldine)

    This does literally the same thing as Geraldine’s UNEVOLVED form. The descriptions are literally the exact same. The only reason why she isn’t #1 is that she does do pretty great damage to make up for her terribleness.

    #2 - Steamship Barrage (Terence)

    Surprise! Terence isn’t #1. I think this bird is terrible when you first get him. He starts off as a buffed Darlene. But if you choose Steamship. Oh boy you’re going to regret it. I sadly chose this evolution and the bombs that do “godlike splash damage” actually do 70 - 200 damage. But I find one evolution worse than him.

    Before we get to #1, here are some honorable mentions...

    Soul Sacrifice (Eddie)
    No Parole (Cold Turkey)
    “Frankenstein Evolution” (Heavy Metal Annie)

    and now for number one...

    #1 - Let It Blow (Angry Santa)

    Deck The Halls is a great Supershot. Let It Blow on the other hand is pure garbage. This move does less damage so it can do “more knockback”. But the knockback isn’t even visible. The damage is worse than Terence’s since at Terence does around 4000 at level 60 and Let It Blow Angry Santa does 1900. This is what I belive to be the worst Evolution for a 5* in the game.
  2. Buds

    Buds Super Cool Bird

    Not going to lie, but I have seen Not On My Watch! being activated a LOT more recently in PvP.
  3. Bombs Thunderdome got a lot of flak...but that cage is a combo factory if used right. Having Dutch makes it redundant, but I'll also add; that cage can trap Chuck. Yeah I know he pulls them in...but that's the point. He helps me 80percent of the time by doing that, as any pigs in that cage have their attacks delayed until the cage lifts...guess what: they don't last that long LOL.
    BUT...when I got Dutch to P5/SS10, Bomb was relegated to 1st attack pig. My pvp matches rarely make it past the attack trinity that follows bomb: Claude (regular attack follow up), Annie (all crits, with leader Claude she heals decently), then Dutch.
    If I'm lucky enough to kill a timer pig, Dutch goes before Annie and if I hit the smart bomb plus all 5 pigs I get the satisfaction of seeing a 100hit combo that gives me (regrettably capped at) 75% attack boost. Annie really does good healing with that...
  4. Desert Song

    Desert Song Super Cool Bird

    I agree with all of these. I have a few comments:

    Geraldine - As far as I can tell, NEITHER evolution does anything

    Angry Santa - Rovio replied to a comment I made on Facebook indicating that 'Let It Blow' was given less power than 'Deck The Halls' simply because LIB *looks cooler* so more people would want to choose it for that reason alone.

    Terence with Steamship - I have had him for a long time. Never leveled him up because of his underpowered reputation. Don't have any other red birds worth leveling right now, so I am working on him. Have him up to 100 but not evolved to prestige yet. I am seeing mixed results. Sometimes he does more damage than others. And when he does decent damage, he takes out quite a few pigs. I am still skeptical, but I am going to keep leveling him and hope that I am pleasantly surprised at some point.
  5. PolarBearCabal

    PolarBearCabal Tiny Birdy

    If that was the reason, it’s truly stupid. They could have given that one a shorter SS.

    But that also contradicts what someone else on this forum says customer support told them. Support said it was because Deck the Halls had more locomotion.

    If that’s true, that at least makes sense. Otherwise it just sounds like they’re trying to trick people into picking the worse evo.
  6. Desert Song

    Desert Song Super Cool Bird

    They had a poll for which evolution. I replied in the comments that "I would choose the one whose description is EXACTLY the same as the other one. Except does WAY more damage."

    Rovio replied: "Looks don't matter, right? :D"
  7. Desert Song

    Desert Song Super Cool Bird

    In other news, I can confirm that Terence with Steamship SS is truly pretty terrible. It seems like it has so much potential too. I mean, any red bird that can do AOE is worth looking into. And even though his damage number is quite high (mine is 6615 at level 100; he is evolved into prestige but hasn't eaten any totems yet) - he does miserable damage in reality. Like 270 damage from the front and 590 with critical hits!

    Contrary to the way SS works for most birds, I would think that it might mean that he will do total max damage of 6615 within his circle divided among the pigs in it, not 6615 to each pig in the circle. But even that isn't happening! I can see that some pigs take damage more than once, but even a few pigs taking 2x 270 damage isn't going to add up to 6615!
  8. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Moderator

    Me, @Dan1212, and @Desert Song are all waiting for a Terence buff...

    Cmon Rovio! How hard would it be to increase a single bird’s damage by a little bit?

    @QueenElsa, can you tell us why Terence is so terrible?
  9. PolarBearCabal

    PolarBearCabal Tiny Birdy

    Sheesh :/
  10. Dan1212

    Dan1212 Super Cool Bird

    I disagree with Let it blow being worst than steamship barrage... No matter what one says.. Let it blow does way more area of effect damage compared to the non existent Steam ship barrage area of effect damage. Its truely terrible.
  11. Donmams

    Donmams Hatchling

    @Remix i thought you quit?
  12. BelethS

    BelethS Hatchling

    Eddie's soul sacrifice is actually extremely useful sometimes.

    In pve, if you need to knock out a boss from behind a barrier, or if you need to blow up some dynamite crates.
    In pvp extremely useful against opponents with Frosty. The pigs caught by SS are thrown around pretty much, and net a good chance to hit enemy's Frost-marked pigs.

    Frankenstein-evo for HM Annie, is it the Chrono-tag evolution? That has a chance to increase pigs counters by one? If yes, that's a absolutely crappy evo, critical tag evo is so much better.

    I would add Kowalski the elf's Bells evo. Baubles-evo is a lot more useful.

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