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Regular Egg VS Preminum Egg

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nance, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Nance

    Nance Hatchling

    I see no difference between regular eggs and premium eggs!! I get 2 star birds practically all the time in premium Egg tickets! In fact I've had every 1-3 star birds so often - I've stopped evolving because they are already evolved!
    What's with that?
  2. Dr. Possible

    Dr. Possible Super Cool Bird

    Generally, regular ticket hatches contain one and two star birds, totems or three-star birds if you're lucky. Hatches are found for free every 4 hours or tickets in regular chests. Premium ticket hatches contain two or three-star birds, totems, 4-5 star birds if you're lucky. These rare hatches are found for free every 2 days (after watching a video) or in premium chests (drop rate has decreased).

    It's more common to find one-star birds in regular tickets and to find two-star birds in premium tickets (it's lies when they say you'll find a four-star bird in a regular hatch). However, with premium tickets, you also have the tiny chance of getting a four or five star bird. That's what everyone is going for.
  3. Angrybirds111

    Angrybirds111 Tiny Birdy

    Actually I've got a 4 star in a normal hatch before albeit very low odds..
  4. Jeuman

    Jeuman Super Cool Bird

    I've got 2 or 3, 4 star birds from regular hatch.
  5. Galilaya

    Galilaya Hatchling

    I have had more 4 star from regular hatch. I was wondering if you should only hatch premiums during events. I've had no luck with them for over a month, even during events but at least you have the multiplier. Just wondering if its worth it to hatch the premiums with no event.
  6. Skit

    Skit Super Cool Bird

    I have recently got 2 4* birds from regular hatches. I have tried hatching premium eggs during non events to only get 3* or 2* birds before the current patch and I have decided to hatch 'em during events for a higher multiplier. Good luck!

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