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Rarest 5* Birds?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RemixFTW, Jan 11, 2018.


Which 5* is the rarest

  1. Terence

    4 vote(s)
  2. Red

    3 vote(s)
  3. Bomb

    4 vote(s)
  4. Matilda

    13 vote(s)
  5. BM Byron

    8 vote(s)
  6. Kowalski The Elf

    17 vote(s)
  7. Eddie The Bird

    4 vote(s)
  8. Angry Santa

    4 vote(s)
  9. Grandfather Frost

    4 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Moderator

    Besides HM Annie, which 5* birds do you think are the rarest.

    Annie and Dutch won’t be included since they’re available anytime and recently had a boost (Turkey and Frost)
  2. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Moderator

    Removed Chuck because people were voting it so “Rovio will make the rare bird available again”
  3. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

    I like rare birds gives incentives to play but will not spend mo eat while still unfair to all players
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  4. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

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  5. Desert Song

    Desert Song Super Cool Bird

    I have been playing daily since June last year and have not once seen a Claude come up. It is easy to say that event birds are rare. But when one of the 5-star birds that is available every day has not dropped for me in 7 months of daily playing, I call that rare.
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  6. Violet

    Violet Hatchling

    I would say Claude or Annie. All of the others are event birds only, and I have at least one of most of them(except for Bomb and Matilda) Even with increased chances during multiplier events(and going to 20x) I received my first Claude only 2 weeks ago. Still don’t have Annie. Have had multiples of Steve, Geraldine, Byron. I might have to add the 5* rockstars to that rare list too. Thrash and Cyril seem to drop less often(only Geraldine drops over and over and over again)
  7. FyreByrd

    FyreByrd Tiny Birdy

    For me, any 5* Blue Bird. They’re as rare as hen’s teeth.
  8. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

    I agree. I have one 5* blue bird (GF) and I used a lot of diamonds for him
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  9. FyreByrd

    FyreByrd Tiny Birdy

    I have 2 five*, they’re both Murphy.
  10. Skit

    Skit Super Cool Bird

    Claude and Matilda for me. I don’t have multiple 5 star birds but have 12 of them now. Been playing for about a year.
  11. Desert Song

    Desert Song Super Cool Bird

    Well let's see. From only the choices in the poll...
    • There have been two 5-day events to feature Red since last June, one by himself, one tiered Red>Bomb>Matilda
    • There have been two 5-day events to feature Bomb since last June, one by himself, one tiered Red>Bomb>Matilda; Being 2nd tier makes him rarer than Red
    • There have been two 5-day events to feature Matilda since last June, one by herself, one tiered Red>Bomb>Matilda; Being 3rd tier makes her rarer than Bomb
    • There has been one 12-day event ever to feature Santa>5*-Kowalski Elf. Being 2nd tier makes Kowalski rarer. But long event duration makes Matilda rarer.
    • There were at least two back-to-back events (12 days, 5 days) to feature Eddie Bird>HM Byron. Being 2nd tier makes Byron rarer. But event duration makes Matilda rarer.
    • There has been one 7-day event ever to feature Frost. Slightly longer duration, but makes Frost rarer than Matilda.
    • There has been one 5-day event to feature Terence since Beta. There was an event during Beta, but game wasn't released globally yet. This makes Terence the rarest bird!
    Answer: Terence!
  12. RemixFTW

    RemixFTW Moderator

    Heavy Metal Annie was the rarest bird before The Angromedon event due to the only way to get her was by getting Eddie and B.M.B then hoping that you land that 1/3 of the event bird being H.M.A. Now you just have to get The Angromedon and hope for the 1/2 which is way easier to do.

    Rarest Before Angromedon: Heavy Metal Annie

    After Angromedon: Terence

    Fun Fact: I got Terence at a 7x multiplier
  13. HeroBird

    HeroBird Super Cool Bird

    Now Kowalski the elf

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