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Quentin evolution paths

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hadronix, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Hadronix

    Hadronix Tiny Birdy

    From what I gathered, I think rovio flipped the description of the two evolutions, again, the steam pot has higher damage but a slightly smaller fire storm trail, but the other doctor octopus has less damage but a larger fire storm radius, is this correct?
  2. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    Yes, and its also how they are described...
  3. Hadronix

    Hadronix Tiny Birdy

    wolf, which evolution would be better as master then, I am thinking bigger storm area is better but the boosted damage of master does not matter to the damage of the hit target
  4. Hadronix

    Hadronix Tiny Birdy

    i also noticed sometimes the hit target collision with other pigs can register as multiple hit, so you get like 3-5x base critical hit damage on one collision
  5. Platty

    Platty Super Cool Bird

    From the Claud example, I would consider collision is more important than single kick damage.
    Still need more data to verify.
    It is boosted, so we don’t know the real numbers yet.
  6. Hadronix

    Hadronix Tiny Birdy

    ok, on IOS version the descriptions are incorrect, flipped but on android it seems to be correct, could it be my game?
  7. Hadronix

    Hadronix Tiny Birdy

    wolf, the evolution paths are seriously flipped on my IOS, I can display some screenshot if you want, is it just me?
  8. Iggy McPork

    Iggy McPork Hatchling

    Based on this video it seems like "Flyers" is the way to go. Looks like it does significantly more damage on both the first impact and each collision. I almost wonder if there is a glitch with the fire. Too bad because the robot Quentin is pretty cool looking.
  9. Milan Petrovic

    Milan Petrovic Hatchling

    I have both evos, and they are great in tandem, I used them during the event.
  10. Gatorops

    Gatorops Super Cool Bird

    The test will be now that they are not buffed will they still be good
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  11. Milan Petrovic

    Milan Petrovic Hatchling

    I am using one in the arena team and main team, and I like them more the most of the other red birds. Will see how they will hold in the coming weeks.

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