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Pvp opponents

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nomo, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Nomo

    Nomo Hatchling

    is it only me that plays the same exact opponent 20 times in a row. Except for the first couple of times it's only worth 10 points every single time. Get your act together Rovio. No offense Ortry by the fifteenth time in a row of playing you I'm ready for someone else
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  2. Squadpwr

    Squadpwr Hatchling

    Never happened to me.
  3. Barry

    Barry Super Cool Bird

    I normally get RyogaDyana....
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  4. Nomo

    Nomo Hatchling

    Now I'm getting this guy every time. Look at the score difference!

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  5. Nomo

    Nomo Hatchling

    One more.

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  6. enthusiasts

    enthusiasts Super Cool Bird

    you got nobody to pair with +200 -200, so you get paired with same lvl and almost same team power
  7. enthusiasts

    enthusiasts Super Cool Bird

    you can find them at your town area, take a look
  8. RyogaDyana

    RyogaDyana Super Cool Bird

    true, that's the case for me

    @Nomo I think your account is glitched and you should make a report
  9. ADBjester

    ADBjester Tiny Birdy

    It's not you. It is frustrating to a certain extent, because as I claw my way up to a certain level, I keep meeting the same overpowering opponent that knocks me back down (Level 101 - Cadbury's Bunny).

    The opponent pool doesn't seem very deep relative to the number of people actually playing the game. I do wish it was a bit more random, and that I could face a different, random opponent each time.... but I understand why it isn't so. (Keeping a pool of players small means less server communication). Still.... opponents are too common. More variety, please.


  10. CiprianS

    CiprianS Super Cool Bird

    Same here Nomo, sick of your team :):):) . Cips here !
  11. Terrence

    Terrence Super Cool Bird

    It's the same for me @Nomo. I have been meeting the same opponents over and over and over like u and cips. Ttyb here.
  12. CiprianS

    CiprianS Super Cool Bird

    Nice to meet you Ttyb. We are already comrades, so many battles :)

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