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PvP Arenas Rigged?

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by BabasBirds, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. BabasBirds

    BabasBirds Hatchling

    I've been playing Angry Birds for years now and there are good reasons that keep me coming back:
    1. I continually get better at bird flinging
    2. It's a challenge to figure out the physics of where to hit for the maximum damage
    3. It's fun to get better and better at playing and progress BASED ON THAT SKILL.

    It's what keeps me coming back. Fun, challenge, competition and progressive skill.

    NONE of these things are present in the PvP arena. Aside from the design of the battles being idiotic and boring, it's impossible for skill to make a difference in winning or losing. After 6 wks playing them, I can only conclude that winning & losing is completely random. And that makes them unfair, frustrating rather than challenging, maddening rather than fun. I've lost, at one point, over 800 pts and 10 levels in a matter of hours which had taken me a week to climb to.

    I'm more stubborn than the normal person so I'm still playing but I doubt most people are as stupid as me. This whole section needs to be redesigned. It's as if that section was neglected or not designed at all. IMHO, considering that it's a critical part of advancing in the game, it's a big mistake to keep subjecting players to such slovenly game design--it could make the difference between ABE being a success of a spectacular flop.
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  2. DivePhilippines

    DivePhilippines Tiny Birdy

    I have beaten bird teams much more powerful than mine, and have lost battles against teams that I should have easily beaten, teams having no birds with more than 3 stars and all lower than level 40. So yes, it is rigged. In my opinion, if you are predestined to lose a battle, no matter how well you play you will lose. I have had times that I've killed all 5 pigs with one shot and gotten no credit for the kills. End result? I lose the battle. Awed by super amazing shots by the opponent, knocking all 5 birds onto your side? Chances are you are destined to lose.

    One of the big disadvantages I see is that the player always has the first shot. Why this is a disadvantage is because all of the pigs you hit will have lower health, unless you happen to kill one by hitting it multiple times in the back or have super powerful birds. So your first shot most likely will kill no pigs but will have lowered the health of the ones you hit. So now the opponent only has to target the injured pigs to get kills you've set them up for.

    I have faced teams that have had all the birds above level 100 and as high as Prestige level 3. Since the opponents are chosen strictly based on # of trophies then why are their trophy totals so low? Again in my opinion, these people have spent thousands to maximize their birds and when you have someone with no spending limit they just don't bother with arena battles. What does it gain them that money can't buy? Matching of opponents should be based on multiple factors, not just trophy count.

    And regarding trophy count, why is it some opponents have a trophy count tens to hundreds more or less than me? Are you telling me that of the millions of players, not one has a trophy count comparable to mine? There was one day that within 15 seconds after the arena battle event end, when all trophies are reset to the division minimum, I had a player that had 2400 trophies compared to my 2000. C'mon Rovio, are you trying to tell me that within 15 seconds after trophy reset someone won 400 trophies? The real kicker to this particular battle is that I won, and when my trophy win was "calculated" it was 25. WTF? Why do I lose battles and lose up to 50+ trophies but my wins are almost always 25, and sometimes less. This seems to be a real "one step forward, two steps back" situation.
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  3. BabasBirds

    BabasBirds Hatchling

    Thank you!
  4. TommyD

    TommyD Hatchling

    Enough said
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  5. DivePhilippines

    DivePhilippines Tiny Birdy

    Today, I got even a bigger, less pleasant, surprise. This is the first week with the new expanded divisions. I am in Diamond II and my first 3 battles I lost. Total loss of trophies? 122. Yep, you read that right, an average of almost 41 trophies per loss. Then I won 2 battles and my reward? 20 trophies (10 each win). So after 5 battles I had a net loss of 102 trophies. I can see I won't be in the same, or higher, division next week at this rate. It is now one step forward four steps back.
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  6. ryz

    ryz Tiny Birdy Staff Member

    You certainly have strong opinions! It's a shame you don't like it, but alas, not all players think pvp is idiotic and boring. There are rumors that some people even like pvp! *gasp*
    Anyway, just chiming in to say that matchmaking nor the AI is rigged - you're matched solely on your trophies.
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  7. Maha

    Maha Hatchling

    Personally, I love the new pvp update. Except for teams with a chuck on them. Everything on this thread I had issues with pre update
  8. putte

    putte Super Cool Bird

    I personal like it better now. Its a bit more to what power what you have in the team. But whats a shame is the win for it. That makes me
    less interested in the game. Maybe for those keys, but hey...
  9. DivePhilippines

    DivePhilippines Tiny Birdy

    As far as the AI not being "rigged" is so far from the truth. I find it difficult that the computer is learning the play techniques or strategy of each and every player and utilizing them in matches. Like I said before, it is my belief that the outcome of a match is somewhat predestined and is exhibited by what is observed during matches.
    1) For many initial shots I have been able to repeat good shots by using the targeting dots. For example, my fat, yellow bird is in the center of my team and sits about center line of the arena width. When I get the pig set up where they are all spread across evenly, I can target the 2nd pig in, setting the target line so that it overlays itself. with a weakened pull, to prevent too much bounce, my bird normally hits the pig, bounces back and hits the mirror image pig on the other side. I have a targeting scheme like this for every initial pig layout. So why is it every once in a while I will do my targeting and have my bird bounce in a totally different way. Using the above example, I have targeted and released and had my bird bounce back and not only totally miss the mirror image pig, but will fly across the line and knock the 2 pigs on the other side onto my side. Guess what? I'm about to ose that match no matter what I do or how I play.
    2) Why is it in one match, every opponent shot is spectacular and the best birds are saved to polish off the win, say for eaxmple, with Chuck blasting through every pig or Carson pounding the life out of 5 pigs, yet in another match, the best birds are used prior to super shot and you see shots where a white bird can easily take out 5 pigs but only targets one? Is that what the AI learned from that player, because if so, then the player is a plainly an idiot.
    3) Why is it in one battle you will be matched against a much more powerful player and lose (-25), then you win the next battle against someone else (+25), and you are again matched against the same opponent you lost to. But this time, every shot you make is dead on and your opponent makes outright stupid shots and this time you win? Did the AI go on coffee break for that match?
    4) Opponent shots are always much, much faster and I do not believe it is to speed up game play but to keep player from being able to trace the path and bounces the bird is making. Try a screen capture app and grab a battle or two and then use a playback app that lets you advance the video frame by frame and I believe you will be amazed at some of the caroms opponent birds make. The only way these could happen is if spin is put on the bird and if that is true, what is the reason for giving the AI that advantage? Isn't that pretty much the definition of rigged?
    5) AB Friends has a fairly new PvP feature called Star Cup which is like the arena here, not actual PvP at all, but man against computer. Each match consists of 3 sets and the highest overall score wins the match. Now, in Star Cups, each player is given the same birds, slingshots, free power-ups, and boosts (mushrooms, bomb pigs, etc.). So the difference in score should be a matter of who is the better shot. However, I will play all my birds and have near total destruction of everything around. Yet the opponent ends up with a score significantly higher which could only be attained by utilizing other power-ups, that for me costs coins. So what is it that tells the computer in one game to use only the items given, or to use whatever power-ups necessary to ensure a win? Rigged? Yes, I believe so and for a while I got caught up in the ruse, using power-ups to ensure I win the match. Until it finally sunk in that I was not actually playing a person. The real opponent would never know his match outcome (if his character won he actually does not win anything), who his opponents were, and what they did to win, if they did anything at all. If I had a lot of power-ups and used everyone I could, I am certain there would still be matches I lose because that's the way games are designed. There is no way anyone can say these so-called PvP battles, whether it be Friends or Evolution or any other, are truly legit.

    I do not deny that matchmaking is done solely on trophy count, in fact, that is one of my complaints. I had a opponent recently that had 2 Chucks and 2 Probotniks, all four of which were already evolved to very high levels. I may be wrong, but didn't these two birds just get made available recently, and if so, that means that player very likely used his wallet to aid his team. In my opinion, let the big spenders be matched against other big spenders. They don't care if they win or lose because they just buy whatever they need. However, the rest of us need to earn our dungeon keys and I find it unfair to lose battles to a team with power levels several factors higher than mine that came from loose pockets.

    One last note; I do enjoy battling against more evenly matched "players" and have had some that actually lasted more than 5 rounds. I have won some battles against beasts and have lost some to teams I should have beaten with no more than 2 shots. Where I live, I find that very early in the morning I will have a losing record, then further on into the day have a stupendous winning record, only to have it go downhill in the evening hours.
  10. BAlsobrook

    BAlsobrook Hatchling

    I am starting to agree. Since this update came out it has gotten worse on the AI
    I hit a team with 27 hits got maybe a quarter damage. They hit me right after with 27 and zapped everything.
  11. BAlsobrook

    BAlsobrook Hatchling

    This is what we mean by Rigged. I say his shot yes I know it's not actually him it's the "AI".

    After one shot. Notice the opponent is a Level 67. I am an 80.
    After my second shot
    After his second shot.
    After hitting him with over 23 hits! This isn't a one off occurrence! It happens REPEATEDLY!
    This kinda crap is gonna drive people away Rovio.
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  12. SquawkTron

    SquawkTron Motherflocker

    Sorry to hear that terrible incident happen to you, man.
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  13. Spodge

    Spodge Hatchling

    Okay if you are a staff member? Answer this, if you are playing a real person how is it possible you can pause the game and come back 10 minutes later and still be playing the same person ?
  14. kien

    kien Developer

    It's not a real person playing live, but it is a real player's real team played by AI.
  15. Skit

    Skit Super Cool Bird

    As long as you have the team power to clear the board and get to atleast kill one pig from the get go or atleast have the majority of the pigs pushed to the other side, you stand to win most of the battles. I mostly win all my pvps (irrespective of a chuck/matilda or matilda/matilda or chuck/chuck or carsonx5 or multiple carson/zain/claude combo) except maybe 1 or 2 tops when I play 6 of them (I lose when there are 3 chucks or 3 matildas). I feel they are necessary to keep you addicted to the game otherwise you would feel bored and stop playing.

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