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PvP arena point computation logic is on crack?

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by Wintermute, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. Wintermute

    Wintermute Tiny Birdy

    I am going to make this very simple:
    my Team Power 27756
    Exhibit A - easily beats Team Power 30190 = gets 26 points :)
    Exhibit B - easily beats Team Power 32133 = gets 27 points :)
    Exhibit C - absolutely destroys weak Team Power 24520 = gets 35 points :rolleyes:
    Exhibit D - barely beats in a tough fight Team Power 36777 = gets 26 pointso_O
    Exhibit E - lose to Team Power 36650 (two well played back to back maxed Chucks) = loses 24 points:(
    Exhibit F - close match tough Team Power 35403 = gets 25o_O

    Soooooo liiiiiiike WTF?
    Anyone wants to throw in some more data points to compare?
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
  2. kien

    kien Developer

    Scoring is based on Trophy scores, not Team Powers.
  3. DivePhilippines

    DivePhilippines Tiny Birdy

    Yep, trophies and nothing else. If opponent has more trophies than you: you win and you get between 25 and 59 trophies and if you lose opponent gets between 25 and 10, both cases based on degree of spread (equal trophy counts always yield a win or loss of 25 trophies). If opponent has fewer trophies than you: the opposite applies.

    Now, here is the riddle that hopefully a Rovio rep can solve: At the start of a new week you start at, say 7000 trophies. With a high degree of certainty your opponent will also have 7000 (since everyone in that division is starting off with that amount). You win 25 trophies, and theoretically every other "live" player in that division who wins will get 25. All live losers will drop down to 6975. Since matchmaking tries to pair players with equal trophy count your next opponent should have 7025 like you. You win and go to 7050 and your next opponent should also have that amount. Theoretically there should be no variation from a 25 trophy win or loss. Since there is that means that someone must have been paired with an opponent with 25 trophies more or less than them. But with millions of players why would this be done. In fact, opponents being "AI" and representing real players could play multiple arena battles under the same name simultaneously. What I really cannot understand is how, within 3 minutes of the weekly reset, I can already be facing players with 40+ trophies less than me (that actually happened and I won 10 trophies)? There were no opponents who had a trophy count closer to mine? Really? I wonder if, at 8am where I live, the game is reset but other areas experience a lag in reset time?
  4. Wintermute

    Wintermute Tiny Birdy

    I understand that scoring is based on Trophies, that wasnt my point - just pondering the meritocratic angle :cool:
    I think the system might weigh opponents lifetime highest score in addition to the current score.
    Either way the PvP system as it stands does seem to be reasonably "balanced" at the high end, with occasional eyebrow raising outliers :)

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