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Pro tip: How to level up your 5* to level 100 most efficiently

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by theINFAMOUS, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. theINFAMOUS

    theINFAMOUS Super Cool Bird

    Once your 5* has already reached its first evolution at level 20, it will become expensive on birds and gold to continue levelling up, especially towards the end. You have probably already heard of the tip to use 3* birds to level them up. However that is more of a general tip. I believe you can fine tune this even further.

    The first step is to do the first evolution of a lower level bird, not just 3*, then use this bird to level up your stronger bird. The amount of XP gain can be seen by hovering the bird over the level up box without dropping it. This way you can see which birds provide what amount of level up and work out the best combination for you to help your bird reach the next 20 levels before the next evolution. As a guide, the amount of XP gained from highest to lowest for your first evolution birds are as follows:

    3* shiny > 2* shiny > 3* > 1* shiny > 2* > 1*

    What I like to do is evolve the higher one on the list that I have available depending on how much level up is needed for your stronger bird. If not much, you can use a 1* bird. If unsure, I level up a non shiny bird, and hover it in the level up box to check, if it's not enough, you can either save this bird for elsewhere or use a shiny totem on it. Mix and match and you will soon learn how to most efficiently level up your 5* birds.

    What you can also consider is that a lower * bird will require less birds, gold and evolution material to reach its first evolution. So my personal favourite is to evolve a shiny 2* bird over a 3* non shiny bird as most guides suggest.

    One final tip for when you're going from level 60-80 or 80-100... 4* shiny birds which have reached level 50-60 work a treat! Obviously save this for XP bonus day.
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  2. HeroBird

    HeroBird Super Cool Bird

    I use this option yesterday when I level up Murphy from level 40 to 80
    Very helpful tip
    Which working great
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  3. Night

    Night Super Cool Bird

    Thanks a lot, theINFAMOUS! This is really useful. I had no idea that 2* shiny is better than 3*, I was wasting a lot! xD
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  4. nrock

    nrock Hatchling

    Thanks! learnt a lot from your post...
  5. Giovanni

    Giovanni Super Cool Bird

    So I put a 2* shiny into a 3* shiny?
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  6. RyogaDyana

    RyogaDyana Super Cool Bird

    I think not, what I have been doing is put 1* / 2* / 3* shinies (lv20 evolved once) into lv20+ 4* or lv20+ 5*

    not sure if it is the most efficient way tough, i just guess it is how it should have been done
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  7. theINFAMOUS

    theINFAMOUS Super Cool Bird

    No, i mean those are the order from most xp to least xp
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  8. Shyft4

    Shyft4 Tiny Birdy

    For what it's worth, the most efficient choice is to evolve Shiny 1* birds. You have to spend 125 Evo Mats to evolve a 2*, whereas a 1* only costs 75 Evo Mats. But the 1* gives about 70% as much XP as the 2*. Basically, you're only spending 60% as many Evo Mats to get 70% as much XP. I have found that, by far, Evo Mats are the more restrictive resource as compared to money or birds. It's fairly easy to get plenty of money and birds (I always have excess despite being f2p and in a clan I donate 5k to a week) but farming the Evo Mats is the hard part.

    Additionally, if you have a color where you don't have any high-star birds (or just a color you dislike), you can use birds of that color to level off-color. This lets you get an extra boost to the birds you care about without having to use up Evo Mats of that bird's color. For instance, I have no Blue birds who are higher than 3 *s, so anytime I get a Blue shiny (from the Hatching Hut or during events, since the special scout spots often give a random color instead of the color from the area) I level it up with my other Blue birds, evolve it, and feed it to my non-Blue 4 and 5* birds. I also find White Super Shots to be much less impressive than the other 4 colors (they're like a Black SS that can't crit), so unless I luck out and get Annie I'll probably keep feeding my White shinies to my Black/Red/Yellow birds too.

    Either way, Shiny 1* birds are the MVP. They should 100% always be evolved and fed to other evolved birds IMO. 2* Shinies come a close 2nd. 3* birds just eat up too many Evo Mats to be worth it - the only time to evolve a 3* bird is when you need the extra few hundred points to do a higher difficulty dungeon level. The better plan with 3* birds is to wait until their XP day, feed them 2 birds of their color to level them up to 8, then sell them for Evo Mats.
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  9. theINFAMOUS

    theINFAMOUS Super Cool Bird

    Good advice Shyft4! This is why i recommended hovering the birds over before you level up to test how much gain you will get. If it takes 5 1* shiny birds to gain 20 levels vs just 2 3* shiny birds then I prefer the 3* bird route. Mix and match I say depending on what you have available.

    Also another tip if you are short a particular colour in evo materials and have excess of another colour. Use the excess colour birds to level up the short colour bird (and also use the same colour bird too) then sell that bird. You will gain more evo materials of the short colour quicker but of course the trade off is gold.
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  10. SquawkTron

    SquawkTron Motherflocker

    Nice tips, man. They sure are helping me out.
  11. Shaggietweet

    Shaggietweet Hatchling

    What do you mean by this?
  12. Loox

    Loox Super Cool Bird

    He means once you don't need your 4 star shiny birds anymore, they level up other birds a lot.

    We used to have totems that made our birds shiny (x2 XP). That no longer exists so a 4 star shiny is rare. But any 4 star 20+ lvl evolved bird you are sure you won't need for dungeons or anything make great food for your other birds. That's what he is saying.
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  13. Shaggietweet

    Shaggietweet Hatchling

    Thanks for clarifying that. I'm finally at the point where I'm leveling both 4* & 5* birds up at 60 and Doris at 80, but I honestly don't know how I'll be able to afford to play anymore since evo mats are so hard to accumulate. Ive already spent most of my grocery money just to get to this point. It seems a real shame too, since I've worked so hard to get to this point only to find that I can no longer play because the game just became ten times more expensive without rewarding skill, tenacity and sweat. Maybe I'm missing information, but since playing ABE has required a lot of work to figure out how to play, there is no apparent incentive to go on (except obsessive-compulsiveness!) Am I wrong?
  14. Renato

    Renato Tiny Birdy

    yeah i think you're over thinking it. I've been playing for 4 weeks and i'm at team power 18k. two 5 stars at 80 waiting to evolve in a day or two; and a 4 star at 100 paused. I agree that the evo mats are the limiting factor in team growth, but I don't think it's that difficult to gain them efficiently. Following the other two pieces of advice, you can also focus your scouts on a certain area, for a couple days straight only, max your inbox before color day, and do all your leveling then. For my two 5 star birds waiting on mats, I'm currently selling all their color birds i gain aside shinies, to boost the mats earning. Lastly, I'm roughly assuming you're near to having 9k team power for hard dungeon which really really helps out in leveling for me at least. The game mechanics and meta are quite simple, the skill involved in pvp is quite simple; just take the path of least resistance to grow efficiently !!!
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  15. Shaggietweet

    Shaggietweet Hatchling

    You're probably right. The last few days, I've concentrated on refining my leveling up lesser birds for the maximum evo mats I would gain when I sell them.

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