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Preview on Patch 1.10 - XP Totems replacing Shiny Totems

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by TheBeardyBirdy, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. TheBeardyBirdy

    TheBeardyBirdy Moderator Staff Member

    Sure shining is nice, but it's all about those XP levels, flockers! The XP Totem is a shot in the wing for your beloved birds, so you can look forward to Patch 1.10 when we'll replace Shiny Totems with XP totems while you still can get shiny birds in the hatchery. Love it, or let us know how u feel about this change in the comments!

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  2. enthusiasts

    enthusiasts Super Cool Bird

    players would be curious on how much xp will it be injected compare to a normal shiny bird itself
  3. ryz

    ryz Tiny Birdy Staff Member

    This entirely depends on the color/level/evolution of the shiny bird in question :)
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  4. enthusiasts

    enthusiasts Super Cool Bird

    another brainstorming session :D
  5. gmoney

    gmoney Super Cool Bird

    Sounds like a nice idea, but it would all be based on the amount of xp (whether it is worth it). Can we still trade them for gold?

    Can we get some other previews :)
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  6. zbot

    zbot Hatchling

    Will shiny birds I currently have change to xp birds?
  7. gmoney

    gmoney Super Cool Bird

    They said they are just replacing the totems that make the birds shiny. So your birds won't change and you can still get Shiny birds after the update.
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  8. IncognitoPig

    IncognitoPig Tiny Birdy

    Will this be the only thing changing?
    Maybe increase the item limit?
    Anyways I'm so lucky today I got dr probotnik from a single ticket at 10x and I got another ticket and got a Cyril out of it!
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  9. TheBeardyBirdy

    TheBeardyBirdy Moderator Staff Member

    There's more change afoot. Stay tuned for some more announcements.
    Congrats on your hatchery success, sounds like you have a kick-ass team!
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  10. enthusiasts

    enthusiasts Super Cool Bird

  11. HeroBird

    HeroBird Super Cool Bird

    Still waiting for new levels aka Piggy Island :)
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  12. Jeuman

    Jeuman Super Cool Bird

    Nice, looking forward to seing changes =)
  13. kxjohnston

    kxjohnston Tiny Birdy

    How will it work? Do you put the new XP totem on the bird you want to level up like fusing another bird? Could you explain the change a bit more? When is the patch being released?
  14. ryz

    ryz Tiny Birdy Staff Member

    If it's "worth" depends on what you compare it with. a 1-star/level 1 bird? certainly. A 5-star level 100 bird? no way.

    You can still sell them for gold.

    Nope! But all of your shiny TOTEMS will change to xp totems. So use them now if you still want to make any of your birds shiny!

    Yes, exactly - just drag the totem into the bird you want to level up and its "fused" into it directly - just as if you would use a normal bird.

    Can't comment on the release date though.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2017
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  15. gmoney

    gmoney Super Cool Bird

    How would you compare them to a Level 20 evolved 1 star shiny bird? :)
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  16. Carlito Cherrone

    Carlito Cherrone Tiny Birdy

    Has anyone ever received a 4* or 5* shiny, at hatch?

    Also, how will it work?

    1) each totem has a fixed amount of xp, or will totems vary with different amounts.

    2) Does it activate a xp boost to the bird its infused in, maybe, for a certain amount of time?

    As of right now, i havent made my mind up about how I feel about this.... if it is only a fixed "small amount" of xp, how does this improve our quality of gameplay. If that is how it will work it just makes the case of purchasing/hatchery dependancy stronger as we would lose out on greater xp gains with the shiny birds and have to be dependent on our little buddy holding that "SALE" sign in the town to get more tickets to have a roll at a shiny.

    I think we all could use a little clarification on how they would work exactly, numbers and such!
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2017
  17. Diablo

    Diablo Tiny Birdy

    Like the idea. Can't wait to see what is ahead!
  18. DreamerZ

    DreamerZ Hatchling

    sounds good if this xp totem allows direct increase of level to the next level regardless of current bird level.
    Example, at level 41, one xp totem to go to level 42. Similarly at level 75, one xp totem to go level 76
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  19. Giovanni

    Giovanni Super Cool Bird

    Would be awesome that way.
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  20. Angrybirds111

    Angrybirds111 Tiny Birdy

    When's the update?

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