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Porky Butchers2 is Recruiting. Clan lvl 9. Looking for active players, our rules R - EZ 2 follow.

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Deja Dare, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Deja Dare

    Deja Dare Hatchling

    We are clan level 9 currently.
    Looking for active members and must be active during events.
    Members must donate to at least 3 clan perks daily and daily xp.
    Must be able to get ur own 10x gold by events end.
    Communication is a must, if U are unable to play for any reason, please let our leader Rebecca, co-leader Buttstomper, or myself MajinVegeta know?
    Our FB group page is where we share things, talk, and help each other.
    No Trophy requirements.

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