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Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Kiteflyer, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. Kiteflyer

    Kiteflyer Super Cool Bird

    There has been a sudden spike in poaching within our ABE community. So what is poaching?

    If a player from another clan makes initial contact with your clan showing interest in joining based on your reputation or recruiting thread, that is not poaching.

    If instead of being patient and growing your clan through your recruiting page, in-game stats and reputation within the community, you choose to initiate the conversation and actively pursue and recruit players from other respected clans to join your clan you are a poacher. Some do it repeatedly even after being knocked back.

    I have been told about a particular case and I've seen screenshots, where a person gave false information, like saying, "Your leader said this about you... want to leave him for something better?” To try and recruit players. That’s a new low.

    When I started my clan NoSnobs, I knew what type of clan I wanted to build and through hard work, patience and most importantly the contribution of my 35 amazing fantastic players, NoSnobs is now a clan with good reputation and a waiting list. There are several other clans like mine, built the same way, with the same level of reputation. It is maddening when lazy individuals try to benefit from that and have no respect for the effort that goes into building that clan and actively try to destroy it. Several so called top clans have recently been destroyed by this sort of behaviour.

    So if you want a good clan, put in the effort, respect your players and build. Don’t be lazy.

    If you treat your players well, respect them and value them they won’t want to leave.
  2. iTRIP

    iTRIP Hatchling

    Great post.

    Pretty sure my clan has experienced this.
  3. Kiteflyer

    Kiteflyer Super Cool Bird

    With the success of the clan leaders lounge Facebook group after we f8nish our event hopper list tomorrow let’s see what we can do between 100 of us

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