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Please Help Unable to Play my game!

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by Plumbcrazybirds, May 21, 2019.

  1. Plumbcrazybirds

    Plumbcrazybirds Hatchling

    .I am going in for surgery on Tomorrow and was counting on having my games to play to get through my recovery..Keep getting error Angry Birds Evolution needs access to to the file system to run properly..please help ASAP I am very far in this game been playing for years..don't want to loose progress was kicking as in the last event! My Angry birds 2 is doing the same thing! My Angry birds 2 is doing the same thing! My Screen names for AB Evo is Plumbcrazybirds clan CHACON DE LAIT..AB 2 is BWACKYBIRDS clan Freebirds! Please please help..I think my File explorer accidentally deleted files needed!
  2. Panz

    Panz Hatchling

    Check your settings on your phone. Third party blocked? Unblock. If you use FB, I don't, but if you do your progress can be saved there. Speedy recovery and don't worry about a useless game. Good time to check out news, movies and TV shows. God speed.

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