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Please fix the feeble peddler AI!

Discussion in 'Bugs and Technical Issues' started by Bwango, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Bwango

    Bwango Hatchling

    The stupid SALE bird keeps getting stuck on trying to sell me red mats for $49.99 just because one of my reds is missing some potions. The timer been showing 1Hr something, then minutes, then 1Hr something, then minutes and so on. I get it you are trying to make me blow cool $50 on this game, but it aint happenin! Please have your pimp bird rotate his sale offers!
  2. VeronicaVaughnV

    VeronicaVaughnV Super Cool Bird

    That’s not actually a glitch, just a perfect example of Rovio’s terrible sales tactics...

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