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Please delete this thread

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Lenaj76, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. Lenaj76

    Lenaj76 Tiny Birdy

    Looking for team players!
    Clan Requirements: lvl 28 clan
    •level 100+
    •MPDC - 2000+ weekly
    •Contribute - 700+ xp weekly
    •Personal Gold

    We are also looking for members to help build!
    Clan Requirements: lvl 17 clan
    •Level 60+
    •MPDC - 1000 weekly
    •Contribute - 140xp weekly
    •Event minimums!

    We use Discord for group group chat (not required)
    Send dm here or on discord.

    For lvl 28 clan: @Lena#4428
    For lvl 17 clan: @Gemini Pulse#6895
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2018
  2. Brick

    Brick Hatchling

    I can perform those requirements but I do not meet the level requirement
  3. Brick

    Brick Hatchling

    I play on insane but I am not level 75 so I cant send the request
  4. Brick

    Brick Hatchling

  5. Tuskegee Wingman

    Tuskegee Wingman Hatchling

    I met those requirements and am looking for a clan that is also focused on the events for gold tickets. Screen name is tuskegee wingman.
  6. Corey24

    Corey24 Hatchling

    Hey I am level 64 and very active. I meet all the requirements except the level. I am very active and I definitely plan on staying that way
  7. Corey24

    Corey24 Hatchling

  8. Corey24

    Corey24 Hatchling

    Hey can you send me an invite. My level is to low to send a request
    Lenaj76 likes this.
  9. Corey24

    Corey24 Hatchling

    Corey is my name in the game btw thanks!
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  10. Goody77

    Goody77 Hatchling

    I can meet all those requirements, but I am LVL 74
  11. Goody77

    Goody77 Hatchling

  12. Goody77

    Goody77 Hatchling

    Cool, how long does it take to come through?
  13. PigKilla

    PigKilla Hatchling

    LVL 19 and soon 20!! Amazing clan with all the perks and rewards AND a great group of friends to play with :D:D:D
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  14. PigKilla

    PigKilla Hatchling

    Bump bump bump ;););)
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  15. Tdav864

    Tdav864 Hatchling

    Great clan!!! Active & chatty! We share in donations, game play & tips & tricks
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  16. Tdav864

    Tdav864 Hatchling

    Great clan!! Active in donations, chat, tips & tricks!
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  17. Denamo

    Denamo Hatchling

    What is the name of the level 22 clan?
  18. RNGesus

    RNGesus Hatchling

    I would love to join the lvl 15 clan, as I am only level 44 myself.
    I can meet all the other requirements, except that somedays I go camping or travelling with my family, but I always play if j have access to internet.:)

    My ign is Nub and my profile picture is owlpheus unevolved with a gold 3 league border.
  19. Schwettyballs

    Schwettyballs Hatchling

    I’d like to join, lv of 27 if active. I’m lv71 but active and will donate.
    Send me invite. Schwettyballs is my handle.
  20. wahappen

    wahappen Hatchling

    Lena... can you check your inbox here on the forums.

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