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Pig power gone up too :(

Discussion in 'FAQ's' started by Titch, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. Titch

    Titch Hatchling

    IMG_4593.jpg hi guys,
    I was one whose opened up to the bacon tower, as I've been playing since January before the global launch. As I've been leveling up my team power I noticed that the pig power has gone up too.
    I'm on normal and can't battle on hard and insane. How am I meant to get my team power so at least I have a little up against the pigs.
    I don't see the point of playing the game anymore as i level up my birds to get a lead on the pigs and I'm losing :(
    See screenshot
  2. Dr. Possible

    Dr. Possible Super Cool Bird

    Just make sure you're using your scouts and not playing story mode. As you progress in story mode, everything gets harder. Stop when you reach the White Mountains the first time. Then if you need to level up a red bird, unlock Ragequit Canyon, and stop. Your birds will eventually catch up.
  3. rafidi

    rafidi Super Cool Bird

    I was in trouble until I made a good team (26k).

    When you reach a certain power (usually 24k is enough with some good birds), you can play hard and insane even if pigs have 38k or 40k.
  4. Titch

    Titch Hatchling

    I finished the story mode before the global launch :( hopefully if I keep leveling up my birds it will eventually balance out
  5. Titch

    Titch Hatchling

    Thankyou, I thought I had a good team with all 5* star birds. Hopefully it won't take me long to 24k

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