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Pig leveling.

Discussion in 'FAQ's' started by Sweettrouble, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Sweettrouble

    Sweettrouble Hatchling

    So I'd thought the pigs only levelled up as we moved through the campaigns. Their level never changed much when battling after using scouts. As soon as my team hit 8000 it seems the pigs jump 500 every time I do. Making the wins much harder to come by than earlier in the game. This has slowed my levelling dramatically as that is a proportional thing for the player costing more coin and time. So the game has slowed to a crawl and the fun is being sapped with frustration setting in.
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  2. Prince Playboy

    Prince Playboy Super Cool Bird

    I suggest you halt playing story mode and level up by playing pvp (100xp) or dungeons (500xp), in addition to scout missions.

    In my case, My scout missions are easy even though I select insane mode (pig power: 18k+)
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  3. Mark Gunter

    Mark Gunter Hatchling

    Stop progressing through the story line if you want easier wins against the pigs.
  4. Sweettrouble

    Sweettrouble Hatchling

    I stopped levelling on the story line 3 weeks ago now. But the pigs are levelling as I do. I am wondering if that is how it's always been as it sure didn't seem so for the first 8 k.
  5. Dr. Possible

    Dr. Possible Super Cool Bird

    Scout mission difficulties correlate with how far you go in the storyline. Stop the storyline, and focus on scout missions and PvP battles .

    I'm not sure about Major Pecker's Daily Challenge though. I think pigs level as I do there.
  6. Sweettrouble

    Sweettrouble Hatchling

    I stopped the story line 2 weeks or more ago and the pigs are still levelling.
  7. Sweettrouble

    Sweettrouble Hatchling

    Just evolved another bird. Got my team up 450 points and the pigs jumped again too. Still haven't played story line in 2 or 3 weeks.
  8. Prince Playboy

    Prince Playboy Super Cool Bird

    Now, I find that weird...
  9. JAMI

    JAMI Hatchling

    Yeah, having the same challenge. No storyline, just lvling up birds and bang! Pigs are evil mean piip piip.
  10. Angrybirds111

    Angrybirds111 Tiny Birdy

    They do before they hit the cap for the amount of story line... I had this when I first started ... for example if you get to point A in story and pig cap at18k .. they will never go pass 18k...what is your team power..
  11. JAMI

    JAMI Hatchling

    That sounds right. Thx for your answer. I still found it little bit unfair that playing storyline makes your gameplay going down comparing the ones who don't play, but sometimes life isn't fair, in ones mind o_O
  12. Sweettrouble

    Sweettrouble Hatchling

    I am at about 9500 and in the middle of the story line that follows the crashing of the pig blimp. So if finish the story line the pigs will quit leveling until I begin the next chapter? I shall try to finish it out then. I hope they don't out level me too badly and I can get through it. Thanks so much for this.

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