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Patch Notes 1.19

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Polen, May 24, 2018.

  1. Polen

    Polen Administrator Staff Member

    Here are the new patch notes y'all, served here before anyone else:

    Evolution Patch Notes 1.19

    What’s new in Angry Birds Evolution 1.19?

    It’s the festival season and you’re welcome to rave on the Event Island: Fight in the events and unlock all 50 battle stages - you’ll get higher in the ranking and unlock awesome rewards as you go! To help you on the way, some birds will be boosted and will power up your team. Talking about crazy, the Flockaballoza Event is on the horizon with a mind-blowing lineup, starring 3 new birds on the stage - prepare your beaks for loud singing! Mayhem will continue non-stop with the 4th of July celebrations and we heard Captain Freedom and a more “elite” guest will be in Bird Town for it!

    Brand New
    • Event Island: Some events will now be of the Event Island type, this means during such events:

      • There will be 50 new stages of pig battles, unlocking one after another. These will reward you not only with event collectibles, but also extra goodies as you make your way up! Try to reach the top if you or your clan want to rank higher in the leaderboard!

      • Some birds will get crazy boosts, which will help your team to unlock stage 50! Check the event to see the types of birds that will get boosted and what powers they will get. Boosted birds will be highlighted with purple if you have them in your team!
    • Flockaballooza Event: Dopest lineup of the year has arrived in Bird Town, with stars from pop, gangsta rap and electro-nest scene! Never before seen appearances of:

      • Lady Bacon, Li'l Pecker and DedSw1n3.

      • The festival radio will play during the event.

      • The Arena will get festivalised too.
    • 4th of July Event: Special guests are in town to celebrate independence, freedom and parrotarchy with fireworks.

      • Captain Freedom is said to be making his annual appearance.

      • It’s also rumored that he’ll bring the revered Elite Major Freedom with him, but he’ll only be seen by the top players on the leaderboards..
    • All Body Types are bootiful: Noticed how some birds were... similar in shape? Small, chubby, strong, tall or even just regular - we celebrate all body types and now also added them to Flocker Info. “Why” you ask? Well, we might boost body types in events now! #BodyPosivity
    Fixes and more fixes

    The road to a picture perfect Bird Island is filled with bumps, smelly pigs and lots of nasty bugs but we keep smashing them to get there! Here’s some of what we fixed on the way:

    • Friendship points were not being sent in some dungeon completions; now they do.

    • PvP battles played through Scout Markers sometimes caused confusion and put the players in Arena leagues, when it shouldn’t. This can only be done in Arena battles now, as it should be!

    • The huge amount of coins dropped during a battle now get correctly collected! There have been some mix-ups before, all fixed.

    • Billie’s Super Shot glitch is fixed and will now spawn the power-ups as it should.

    • Players with zero trophies will not be displayed in the rankings anymore.

    • PvP rules will now correctly pop up the first time a player enters the Arena that week.
  2. Gildan

    Gildan Super Cool Bird

    The patch notes on the Facebook page also included this info:

    Known Issues
    • Matilda’s issues are a bug, and related to a certain swiney new friend joining the ranks. A fix is on the way!
    • Quick battle dungeons can take 30 keys instead of 15, so stay clear of those for a while. This only applies if you have over 29 keys - anything under that is safe. Working on it, but don't want to waste those precious keys!
    • Defeating timer pigs isn't decreasing the shot count until Super Shot (an annoying thing to try and write down, but hopefully you understand). Also in the works!
  3. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    VERY DISSAPOINTING as I don't see where any of these issues were addressed (other than a couple bugs that most of us didn't even know were occurring). Get your crap together Rovio & work on the things that actually matter to your customers!!!
    At least this update was not during the Chuck event but that appears to have been an accident... Sad.

    1) Fix the crashing Critical Server Error bugs & all other bugs.
    1a) Fix all the wrong math in the game.
    1b) Fix all the little "screw you" bugs that you are trying to hide. Just make the game fair & honest!

    2) Make Eagle Mountain the same for everyone (Coin re-entry (NOT GEMS), Casino rewards & Odds).
    2a) No pigs before floor 5.
    2b) Make the doors actually random instead of screwing us on purpose.
    2c) Lower the chance of getting a pig like it was before the ongoing beta test(s).
    2d) Always show us the reward bird for floor 70 ahead of time.

    3) Increase the top Arena League to 30k (at least 25k minimum), or just add another top tier for the extremophiles.
    3a) Reduce the number of players in each bracket for the top 2 or 3 leagues down to 15 or 20.
    Or, at the very least have the Prestige Totems reward scale down to slot 10 in a bracket of 50 players.

    4) Add an option for at least 3 Preset Teams in the inventory.

    5) Add more Inventory Slots. 100 is not enough anymore.

    6) Make the messages inbox more interactive. Sort by color, # of stars, shinny birds & non birds.

    7) Train your customer service agents to actually respond & know what they are talking about.

    8) Let us know what the upcoming event will be BEFORE the current event ends.

    9) If you really want to make more money, LOWER the price of gems & you will sell a lot more.

    10) Don't make new changes / updates DURING an event, they always seem to cause bugs.
    10a) I know this is asking a lot but maybe, just maybe try playing your new game changes BEFORE posting them!!! It takes very little time to find new bugs if you actually play & pay attention...

    11) Update the User's Guide.
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  4. Tigerangels42038

    Tigerangels42038 Motherflocker

    Door f%#king number 2, SERIOUSLY you want to screw us so much you put a thief pig in Door Number 2??? COME ON, its not even subtle anymore, you just screw us anyway you can, get a fecking grip!!!!
  5. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    A lot of us are averaging floor 3 for the 1st pig now. I cant even get to floor 20 anymore without 3 or more pigs.
    I still have the worst Casino "rewards" layout which is totally unacceptable that everyone is not on the same odds & rewards at this point.
    All of which means, that I basically don't / cant play EM anymore...
  6. OmSo73

    OmSo73 Tiny Birdy

    Same here...it's rare to reach floor #5. I just give up and claim my 20 gems from the daily task for completing the Eagle Mountain. What's also rare is getting the silver ticket in the Eagle Mountain. Developers made them hard to get as well just like the gems.
  7. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    Some freezing errors in the new event AND the auto run wont always work...

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