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Patch Notes 1.17

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by QueenElsa, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. QueenElsa

    QueenElsa Most Best Staff Member

    What’s new in Angry Birds Evolution 1.17?
    Forget the Oinktagon you used to know: We’re introducing an ever-changing Arena with new rules and custom prizes every week! If you’re planning to get competitive during events, we also got grrreat news for you: How about “never-before-seen, rarest birds” as rewards? Got goosebumps yet? Read on for details..
    Brand New
    • New Arena rules: We present you new Arena rules every week! That’s right - check out each week’s rules if you want to dominate the league! Here are some of those weekly rules to give you an idea:
      • Invincible pigs
      • Pigs that do insane damage
      • More crowded leagues
    • Competing in events just got real: Do you want the newest, rarest birds of the game? Of course you do! Make your way to the Top 3 of Global Event Leaderboards - either as the player yourself or as a whole Clan- and you’ll get to show off with those birds no one ever saw before! These brand-new birds will not be anywhere in the Hatchery, only reserved for the event champions!
    • Hockey Event: Time to show off your skills on ice, ice baby..
      • Ice hockey theme, introducing Ricky "Red Menace" Redtzky
      • Collect “broken teeth” that’s left from all the fights inside the ice rink
      • New icy loading screen
    • Sports All-Stars, a new set: Since our birds got so sporty in the last months, it was time to come up with a new bird set, so we did! We proudly introduce “Sports All-Stars”, where your favorite football and hockey birds come together. This is just the beginning, we’ll introduce other sets as we go..
    Extended & Improved
    • Arena Discount: Arena battles cost 20 Gems now, instead of 100.
    • Sky’s your Clan’s limit: Level your Clan up & beyond Level 100.. Of course this also means you’ll get new Clan frames after level 26!
    • Notice those perks: We added Clan Perk notifications for the following actions:
      • Perk is activated
      • Perk has leveled up
      • Perk has been extended
      • Perk has expired
    • Stay calm & keep ur Supershots: Supershot timers in the following places do not reset after each wave but come along with you to the next, similar to how it behaves between Daily Challenge waves.
      • Dungeons
      • Mini dungeons
      • Wave battles
    • When you tap on any dungeon, you’ll now also see the amount of respective Evolution Materials you have, in addition to your Evolution Essences and Dungeon Keys on the top left corner. Life made easier with each step!
    • Upon persistent request from you flockers, we removed Trophies completely from world-map PvP battles (ones that came from Scout Markers). The Arena is now the only place where Trophies are won or lost. Also, the world-map PvP battles will now be matched by Team Power and not by the Trophy Scores. So you can focus on the events without being worried about losing trophies and have fairer battles!
    Fixes and more fixes
    The road to a picture perfect Bird Island is filled with bumps, smelly pigs and lots of nasty bugs but we keep smashing them to get there! Here’s some of what we fixed on the way:
    • Major Pecker's weekly score will now properly be added to the Clan, no more hassles!
    • Inconsistencies in Clan’s Pig Points between Major Pecker snouts number and its rewards progression bar have been fixed.
    • Throw that undie in peace: We fixed Geraldine's Science Supershot “Throw Amok Undie”, which sometimes didn’t deal damage to all enemies upon killing a pig. Now it does perfectly!
    • Angry Santa’s Supershot presents will always appear above first target from now on!
    • Lab Assistant Pig's acid pool will not appear near your team and will not damage them constantly!
    • We fixed the bug that caused infinite loading on the Clan perks, when you entered a Clan for the first time.
    • PvP related fixes:
      • Sometimes fewer Pigs would respawn than the ones you killed during PvP battles, we made sure that doesn’t happen any more. An eye for an eye, a pig for a pig..
      • Now Quarterback collects the power ups in the map correctly during PvP
      • We fixed the infinite loading screen that happened upon starting a PvP battle whenever the Arena timer reached zero.
    • Menu & Control problems we crushed:
      • We fixed the bug that caused the upper part of the screen to disappear when rewards were claimed too quickly, from any battle after playing Eagle Mountain floor 70+.
      • Clan Details pop-up would sometimes appear underneath Clan screen. What’s the meaning of a pop-up if it can’t pop upwards? We fixed that as well..
      • The Dungeon and Info menus in Great Pyramid will not collide any more.
      • If you saw no messages on the Global Chat, it wasn’t you, it was us. We fixed that, now you should be seeing all the activity & chit-chat.
      • The game sometimes got fuzzy after the end of a league or event. It won’t behave like that any more.
      • You’ll now correctly see your birds’ Prestige level, if you had any problems with that within the Team Manager.
    • Small hiccups and freezes that you may or may not have noticed, but we fixed anyway:
      • We fixed the little lock that happened when tapping on bird details on a player’s profile from Daily Challenge Leaderboards.
      • Also the small freeze you sometimes got when you tapped on a player’s profile right after opening Daily Challenge or Event Leaderboards was fixed for good!
      • There was a small chance that the game would get locked for a moment after tapping the Play button right before the ending of an event, we fixed that.
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  2. QueenElsa

    QueenElsa Most Best Staff Member

    Apparently this was never uploaded :') sorted!
  3. Gildan

    Gildan Super Cool Bird

    I really wish the patch notes explained which birds Ricky's leadership skill benefits - the description says it boosts all birds with body type "strong", but what does that even mean? There's no body type information in bird entries in-game to compare against, for all we know it actually does nothing because that hasn't been implemented yet.
  4. A. Wolf

    A. Wolf Motherflocker

    Also, why isn't QB showing up in the "Aces" set?
  5. Carol Kendall

    Carol Kendall Hatchling

    The announcements in clan chat are taking up so much space that when an important message needs to go out it dissapers too guickly. Also they aren't revelant. As a leader I can't track the contributions made by players , which sucks. As leaders we need to know what our members are contributing.
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  6. Tigerangels42038

    Tigerangels42038 Motherflocker

  7. OmSo73

    OmSo73 Tiny Birdy

    I agree! There has to be something both leader and co-leader can see what other players are contributing each week. As for now, I have to screenshots from Sunday to Sunday to see how much difference in the personal xp. The more I see, the more I know they're contributing to the clan. The ones with the least amount are banned from the clan. I want everyone to contribute to the clan, not just a few.
  8. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    1 big problem with clan chat: it seems Android devices could be missing messages that iOS can see. Not all the time but often enough.
  9. Tigerangels42038

    Tigerangels42038 Motherflocker

    We have had to ditch in game clan chat for that reason but it wasnt just android devices.
    We would have two clan members chatting and a 3rd ask who one of them was talking to because they couldnt see the others messages.
    We had clan chat wipe days and we would be seeing messages we sent 20 days ago.
    Some players chat never worked much and would have one or two days to catch up on everything they missed before it broke again.
    It left us never confident that what we where typing was getting through when planning for events so we had to create an off game chat.
    Most games have in game chat now but for some reason Rovios seems to be full of flaws, its worst ive ever seen by far, but now with the constant perk updates its even worse and its not even info we need except when it alerts us to activated the scout.
  10. OmSo73

    OmSo73 Tiny Birdy

    iOS chat can only save a certain number of messages before being wipe for good. Messages will have to be sent again for those who were unable to read the previous messages. The game can only save enough for real-time messaging.
  11. Epic Buttstomp

    Epic Buttstomp Motherflocker

    For my clan we have both FB Group and Skype. It seems to be the 2 most prefer and no extra installations required.

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